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  • Noticed Roleplayer Nomination

    Did you meet an awesome roleplayer in-game? Maybe someone you feel should've got the noticed roleplayer tag but wasn't noticed by the staff team, keep in mind you can not suggest yourself in here and if you are suggesting someone, please be as detailed as possible.

  • Law School - Application

    Are you a person that strive for justice, perhaps you'd like to become a lawyer and protect people or a judge. Take the first step into becoming a certified lawyer, judge and so on. The market for lawyers and judges are huge, among many things this is just the first step. The road ahead for you are wider than ever.

  • Character Kill Appeal - Application

    Have your character been killed within the last four months? Do you feel like it was unjustified and you have more to your story than you had at the time. Maybe you have something to your story that could change the characters storyline. File an appeal today and perhaps you can get that character back.

  • Character Kill Request - Application

    Do you have someone in your storyline that you'd like to get rid of, perhaps that old ex-boyfriend that keeps stalking you after severely injuring him or her a couple of times. Maybe it's time to go one step future. A character kill will essentially permanently remove that character from your storyline. Apply today!

  • Final Exam


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