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  4. Sorry for book, but i also like add, that change would not affect character logic. Example: Nikolai, man who has really clear moral views how things should work. If people try to stay away from breaking law as much they can, they should continue. End of the day its all about different stories, different characters who live together in island try to live their beloved life.
  5. When i tried go to the FiveM gallery and upload and image to it the pop up for uploading and naming the image wasnt displayed correctly, not sure if it has anything with my screen resolution too do since i use a 2K screen but i tried making the window smaller but it didnt seem to help. All i did was click on the main menu "Media" -> "Gallery", clicked on the FiveM one and then clicked on "Add Image" in the top right corner and then it didnt display the pop up correct. Just ask if you need more details and ill see what i can provide.
  6. Yes, its all can improve by time and it comes by ideas. There is possibility to do "italian job" or "man from inside" style stuff, but problem today is police loses scene but nothing personal. Criminals what ever they do, try stay hidden and grind to even plant that sort of jobs. If all resource and time will be taken away because you tried for some sort of 50k, its totally worthless. And taking person away from rp for 20 or so minutes make things even worse. My idea is let people try different ways without big loss. Also police can find different ways to solve situation.
  7. That is also a great idé, community service should be an option that cops should be able to use. I can image Crackie being caught and forced to clean trash under the bridge while an officer keeps a watchful eye on him, making sure he doesnt run away or talks to much with the hobo's. More interactivity in a more equal ground. 🙂
  8. Events First off, Purges and events are always good, i think we need more of them, thought its always a bit of work to host the events (expl. purge) i think its worth it, since, it brings the people and they always stay on the server longer when there is an event. (So i dont know if people just haven't taken the time to sit down and brainstorm some idés about events but i think we should do that. Just hit me up on discord and i'dd love to talk about possible events, just as long as im in active RP on the server. @MixedWithMadness) Crime etc. Now on to the meat, how should we incentivice good RP and make people want to stay and keep playing? Just as Marthew says, people like action. And at the core of GTA RP is the cop and criminal life cycle, criminals do crime, the cops try to catch em, sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. And the cycle repeats. This has a lot of action for the most part, makes you interact with other people (as most big things require planning) and you almost always encounter a cop if you commit some type of crime (since they will try to hinder you), but it seems alot of the crimes has surefire ways of either avoiding cops or making sure you get into a car which almost always has a very abrupt end (crash-shootout-hospital, or crash-taze-jail, or get-away). This i think is part of the problem, because this makes the RP shorter or just avoided. Take for example the Jewelry store right now, its just a smash and grab. If you want you can go in smash 3-4 panels and then do a get-away on a bike, most of the time you dont even see the cops. So no RP there. And if you got the other route where you get a hostage and force a situation where you can get away no matter if the cops come or not, it usually ends in a shoot out or a get-away by car, which again, usually ends abruptly. (it is more of less the same with selling drugs or robbing people, with drugs you can a little pop up saying they called the cops and when robbing you can just safely rob 2-4 guys and then more away to a different part of town). Big Crime So how do we make it so the cops and the criminals interact more? How should we increase the time the players actually meet or at least play actively against each other? I think the best way isn't to restrict the amount of times you can do or give a bigger reward because these has huge impacts on economy and makes it more impacted by the amount of players that are on the server. Rather i think the way to go is to make the most out of every situation by simple making it so that more things can happen during all the types of crimes we have. Take the Jewelry, imagine that there was more ways to rob it than just smashing the panels, say there was a back door that you could hack and stealthily get in and take the jewels without setting of the alarms? Just imagine, you take 1-2 pals with you, you get all the gear you need such as keycards for doors and panels, you get guns with silencers to deal with any guards that you might meet, you go there in a small car, you sneak in hacking the back door, you shoot the guard with the gun, you try to hack as many panels as you can to get the most loot and you just hope you didnt trigger any of the silent alarm that is spread around the place. This would make it so that there is more then just one type of criminal that would rob and it would give people more planning to do. And the hacking, guard and silent alarms make it so that the cops can get there without the criminals knowing which increases the time cops and criminals meet, and the way they meet. Because this could lead to scenarios like foot chases out of the jewelry, cops searching the jewelry for hiding criminals or criminals surrendering because they are totally surrounded without a hostage, or just trying to shoot their way out of the back. This is good, more ways to interact and it incentivices the ways that has the most interactions. Also i don't think we should lower the amount of loot you get or its worth just because there are more ways, but rather just add ways to get to it and make sure those ways has more interactions then the previous ones. This should also apply to the banks and stores that are currently rob'able. And i know it sounds like alot for a small jewelry but it doesnt have to be a big change, say you just add a back door to the jewelry that's hack-able and locked by default, add a guard inside that has a small circular range to "see/hear" criminals crouching and shoot them if caught, and add the option to hack the panels and add a chance for a silent alarm and BAM, you got it. (or if you want to be realy basic just add the option to hack the panels and add a chance for the opening of one to trigger and alarm) Small Crime The same applies to all the small crimes like selling drugs too, its too easy to go to a big NPC group on the Winewood strip, sell a bunch until you see the 'they are calling the cops' pop up and then simply go to a different part of the city. I think first we should turn of the pop up, this forces the seller to be more alert about nearby surroundings because they dont know if a cop could be close and if makes it so that the criminal and cop meet more often. I also wish too see some way of making it so that if you want to sell alot you have to stick around the same place longer, say for example the longer you stay the more people will buy of you, this could be done with a state you engage with a command that enables a 'Dealer' mode, (/startdeal) where you have to be not in a vehicle and you have to sell something within 15s. We should also add to this more things that can happen when you sell, for example people could try to low ball you by trying to buy for a shit price, that you could reject with a button push, or people try to fight you, a gang banger doesn't like the stuff you sell and tries to fist right you. All of this makes it so that there are more times you encounter the police and more tings that the encounter would be based on. I'll talk about an example, just first i just want to say that i think we should take away the description of the criminal or make it very generic on most calls to the police, this just makes it too easy for the cops to find the criminal and makes it so they dont have to search or question anybody but the right guy, the cops should have to question and search players that play civilian or just happen to be in area. But let say for example a cop gets the call that someone is selling drugs in the area, he rolls down to the hood, but he spots someone fighting a gang banger in the streets, they go in to deescalate the situation and detain the person, now they dont know this is the guy but they could question him and try to ascertain if he is just a by passer caught in a bad neighborhood or if he is the criminal that they where called about. This makes it so that the cops have more interactions and reason to talk with both criminals and civilian players and makes the situation more neutral and not just we are here to arrest you. Which leads to more RP. End Thoughts Those are my thought on how to increase the amount of time cops and criminals spend time interacting with each other, create scenarios with more options on how they are complete'd and how they can end and where depending on if you pick a route that has alot of interaction moments we should incentives those with a higher Risk/Reward rather then try to adjust the current availability or just a straight economic boost. And we shouldn't discourage people to do small and quick hits because if we make every crime something you HAVE to plan around and have a small crew to execute then people just wont do them because its a pain in the ass. I just think we should make it more interesting and rewarding if you do and you should be able to do them that way. Because i think in the end this is what will make the RP more interesting and make people wanna stay in the server for longer. Side thoughts On another note i'dd just like to say that there are most scenarios with civilian players where i think there could be some improvements but they are so small i dont even know if its worth mentioning because there is so little to change and its just so hard because no one civilian does the same thing, i think the best you can do is to give them more options on jobs. And also change to jobs to be more than just delivery jobs. Example you could connect them with effects, say for the banks/stores to be rob'able again someone has to make a delivery with the security job to that bank. Also i know talks have ben around the crafting of items that would also give people more incentive to play civilian or get second jobs on their criminal characters but that is probably so far into the future and would demand a very high and consistent player count im not sure its worth planning out at this moment. Or even what effect it would have on the server. Also as a small note to end on ill just say my quick thoughts on the last bit Marthew about the killing of other players, i think that most of the times people die and 'dont remember' it get a but clunky, i realize most of this is to avoid revenge RP that just never ends but a couple of times when there is a shoot out and there is no EMS we wont even know what happens and just go back as usual. Kinda strange if you get gunned down by your rival gang in the streets and live to walk about but not being able to tell what happend. This is just an issue when there is a low amount of players that are EMS or police so im not sure how to balance it but it might be worth mentioning since it doesnt need to be a gang thing, could be witnesses in court cases or just long time rivalries. (Example a witness is gona testify in court, gets stabbed by a guy that tells if if you witness we will do worse, he leaves him bleeding out and the witness doesnt remember it, again a lost RP case, a bit of a stretch and again just a problem with low player counts but i thought idd mention it). Hopefully this wasn't too much to read or to big of a mess to understand. Edit: a quick way to sum this up would be, make it so that the basic jobs/task/things we already do creates more reasons for people to interact with each other.
  9. I agree with this, maybe for times in jail make a shop robbery a petty theft therefor they do communinty service instead of a full jail sentence and reward people for their RP if they rob a store and the cops think it was really good RP but they get caught let them keep the money but still do jail time.
  10. Kentwolf

    Boat Dealership.

    Without the add on replace links he added it would be a interesting idea.
  11. Purges etc. gain people and seems to make people have fun. At the moment while we have few people in server we should think about change. People love action, interacting with other people etc. Today criminals in SR think twice if they do anything, is it worth it etc? We should decrease jail time to maximum 15 minutes? Dont take away weapons and resource for good rp (that makes sure people dont start brutally killing cops middle of heist etc.). There should be rules what brings people to do something, so server would live. Like you can do max 1 bankheist, 1 jewlery a day. If you succeed you gain, if aint you dont lose much than you need rp well if you they caught you. You will have all the resource etc. (not income from robbery) and do maximum time in prison like 15 minutes. Character kill should be disabled, old "perma" where person can kill char for good reason and force him not remember relationship with certain for both sides. People love gain emotion and something for the time they put in, not do lose it. Im sure it would make RP much more active etc.
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  13. Interesting idea and thank you for your input, I will forward this to the rest of the staff team!
  14. Hello! For me seems strength doesnt play that much role as hard is to get it 100. I understand spread comes from shooting skills, but recoil up itself seems to be same what it was when strength was 50. Example of testing via discord (i dont want to make public in case of meta) My suggestion would be make reduce recoil almost 0, when i arrive around 100. This would give more impact of developing character by being fit. As Nikolai is former russian military dude, who were short time LSPD and from very beginning trying to get his maximum fitness.
  15. OOC Portion Are you a current member of Sunrise Roleplay: Yes i am How old are you: 18 What is your Discord Username: snowdog 2001 yt#6072 Do you have any experience from other servers: no Are you a Noticed Roleplayer on discord: None. Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/snowdog2001yt/ In Character Portion Failure to stay character during this portion will result in a immediate denial. There is no minimum requirement for this portion however minimuim effort will increase the chance of your application being denied. What is your name: brandon turney What is your DOB: 1992-11-02 Current Occupation: unemployed Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or higher: yes only misdemeanor tho Do you have any family members or close relatives that have been convicted of a felony or capital crime: no What can you bring to the Blaine County Sheriffs Office: i can bring professionalism and an active officer that is gonna be on duty almost every single day i can bring driving skills Why do you want to be apart of the Blaine County Sheriff Office: i wish to become a part of a team that works towards bettering society Tell us a little about yourself: brandon moved form san francisco down in the bad area where all the gang shooting and violence was brandon did not like all that so he stayed away from it wanting to stop all this happening so when he got some money by buying and selling car he moved to ls and got in to some bad stuff after 1 week he did not like it it was not him so he went and did some other jobs working as a miner then fueler and he found his place where he belong got some money got his dream cars then after that wanted to do something to help the people of ls stay safe so he decided to make some freinds he made a freind inside of the BCSO. He decided to see if he could get a job at the BCSO
  16. ACCEPTED Please speak with a mechanic boss for a breif interview
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  20. fixing cars at bennys / garage is too expensive, i payed 2k today which is 20k in old currency..
  21. This shouldn't be posted in suggestions as its a bug. But to keep you up to date on the situation, we're working as best as we can to fix this issue since it was discovered, however, since we can't reproduce the issue or find a cause for it to happen the progress is slow. The only way to fix this issue is finding the cause of it so we can reproduce the issue and that still hasn't been found. The dirty money in the apartment is a new thing which so far has been working perfectly fine which makes it even more confusing. But, like I said we're doing our best to find and resolve the problem.
  22. I think that the EMS should have their own locker room to store the likes of tasers, radios, flares and other equipment like the Sheriffs and LSPD have.
  23. Please fix dirty money and items poofing from appartments and car trunks
  24. OOC PortionAre you a current member of Sunrise Roleplay: YesHow old are you: 20What is your Discord Username: Wimsickle#0001Do you have any experience from other servers: YesAre you a Noticed Roleplayer on discord: i dont believe soSteam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TKSGAVIN/In Character PortionFailure to stay character during this portion will result in a immediate denial. There is no minimum requirement for this portion however minimuim effort will increase the chance of your application being denied.What is your name: Johnson R. ShevelWhat is your DOB: September 13, 1997Current Occupation: Unemployed, singleHave you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or higher: negativeDo you have any family members or close relatives that have been convicted of a felony or capital crime: negative, not at the time of this applicationWhat can you bring to the Blaine County Sheriffs Office: I can bring determination, dedication and a strong, level headed deputy, I know how to drive, shoot, and conduct traffic stops and etc. to a T. I understand the when and wheres, the laws and the why.Why do you want to be apart of the Blaine County Sheriff Office: I enjoy doing police work, but I have been in multiple city and state police forces and I am ready for a more open road, down to earth department, less noise is a plus as well.Tell us a little about yourself: I am an Ex- LTC of the San Andreas police department with in the state that contains the city of Shadows, The city came to a downfall due to poor government decisions and radiation spillage. I left the city with a one way ticket to here, the city of sunrises, and thought i could make a new beginning here, so here i am, applying for the Blaine County sheriff office! Hope to hear back from you soon - sincerely J. R. Shevel
  25. Dear Mr. Walraven. Your application is accepted and we can do job interview. Contact with me via email [email protected] (Marthew in discord) and lets schedule our meeting. Before meeting you should do truck licenses and make sure you take your ID with you. Best Regards, Nikolai Zelzen Chief of LSFD
  26. §1 Personal Information • RP Name: Arthur Walraven • Discord Name: Dariush (d27s25w)#4174 • Steam Account (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/dariush227/ • DoB (YYYY or AGE): 16 • Time Zone: CEST §2 Application Information • Why do you want to join the SAFD? (min. 50 words) - Answer here I want to Join the San Andreas Fire Department because love helping people it makes me happy and I think joining the SAFD. • Roughly how many hours per week can you dedicate to being on duty? - Answer here I think about 6-12 hours a week • Do you have any prior EMS experience in another city? - Answer here No, I don't §3 Scenes • A person has fallen and broken his leg, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : -Answer here I will try to secure the leg by putting it in a splint, take a stretcher from the back of the ambulance then I wil put the patient on the stretcher as carefull as possible then I will move the patient into the ambulance and transport the patient to the hospital. • A person calls EMS and you arrive on scene, there's another person there but not injured and he's acting violent, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : -Answer here I will try and calm the suspect down to see what is injuries are if the patient doesn't calm down I will call for police backup for mine and his safety, after that we will try and calm him down and see what the problem is. • A person has been in a vehicle accident and complains about neckpain, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : -Answer here( I will carfully put a neckbrace around the patients neck then I will proceed to take a stretcher out of the ambulance and carefully secure the individual on the stretcher then I will transport the patient to the hospital. • A person has called EMS you pull up to the call and the first thing u see is the patient is wearing a mask what is the first thing u do before u proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : -Answer here( I will ask why he is wearing a mask if he has a good answer or if he doesn't I will just treat his injuries because he needs help and I think I should not treat someone just because he is wearing a mask.
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