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    This is just a simple one to make the death time unlimited, this would help in alot of situations and would then mean that if the feature of allowing a player to get in the trunk when downed was added then players could take there mate to hospital if they are downed in the middle of nowhere like halfway down chiliad. For example Mario is still trying to be a stuntman like his idol Bronn and tried to do the Marry poppins off of the top of chiliad but fails like usual and is now passed out somewhere on chiliad but no one know where abouts to be exact. With the death timer now being unlimited the Rednecks can mount a search to find Mario and carry him to a safe area where 1. he can be helped by medics or 2. he can be put into a car and taken to the hospital where he would receive medical help from the local doctors. With the current timer the Rednecks would have next to no chance to get Mario up or taken to the hospital.
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    Get rid of LEGION Green zone. Keep the Banks in legion as green zones yes, but remove LEGION its self as a green zone. There has been TOO many times now where RP has started and people after x amount of hours go sit in legion because its a "safe house". The whole sitting in legion to hang out because its a green zone STOPS RP. This is a RP server not a IRC chat server. If people want to meet up there are plenty of places on the map to meet up? Thoughts?
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    In my opoinion i do believe if drugs where made quicker to collect it would balance the drug situation out a little bit. Maths time people. Doing any drug pick up, to get a full stack of 1250 then process down to 250 takes 3hours from start to finish, After that you have to sell the 250 drugs which can take around 1hour to 2hours depending on luck and cops. I think if collection was changed from 1 to 5 and processing was kept the same, it would give the crims about more fun and balance the drugs out a little bit. Legal jobs got screwed last patch (tailor) it went from 60k per hour to 30k per hour very hard nerf. (not sure since i got a white listed job so this is previous numbers) Economics in game is hard to balance i get that but bare in mind it is a game and yes it should not be too easy but think about a few things, 1. People come on here to RP and have fun, after a long hard days work of a 9 to 5, some people really do not want to come on and do 6 hours worth of legal grinding (the character is not a crim) to end up with 210k. Gives the person 0 RP and it just sucks the RP life away from the city. 2. People have been on the server for a long time and are already established with money, so when economics is brought up they have little to 0 intrest or opoinions about nerfs. 3. Every server i have been on and every interaction with someone, I generally find out, once people have grinned for that dream car and house, they will start to RP. If you ever need someone to try balance out economics down to Pay per Hour I volunteer to help as much as needed as long as my thoughts do not fall on deaf ears, because doing this can take up wards of 36+hours of in game testing.
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    remove the physical cars sitting there and add a circle you can walk into and press e, it will be less laggy because there are less cars out and also be able to fit more cars for sale. basically abit like the catalogue at dealerships
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    I'd like to also add that drug locations should be placed somewhat realistically, Because let's face it. You are not going to go collect meth on top of a skyscraper, were you need to either snatch a helicopter or skydive out of a damn plane to get to these areas. Or against walls. There is a HUGE map out there. Plenty of areas to hide drugs in smart areas instead of places that take days, weeks or even months to find. But thats just my opinion on that matter. But yes, Drugs do take forever to farm. [When i last did farming]. Without the proper balance, holding a drug location is just grinding and there is no RP there in grinding out to soft war a drug. =/ The amount of time to claim a drug as your own, is ridiculously long and tedious grinding and so is selling.. Definitely needs a new system or good tweaking to find the right balance for everything. ❤️
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    https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-vangelico-robbery/181670 Sommat for the crims?
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    Add a rule/law that means if a party/person is using the money earnt from one business to fun criminal activity then the police/DOJ have the right to revoke the license for the business. This would mean the business is shut down for a few days while it is taken over by new management. It would be the owner of the business that would lose ownership and a new owner would come in, If the new owner is then caught hiring the previous owner who is still a known criminal then that owner would also lose owner ship. At the moment it makes no sense that an owner of a business can be a known criminal but still be able to run a business when they have warrant out for murder, theft, drug possession etc. I feel it would bring a lot more RP to both Criminals and Cops as Criminals would need to be a lot smarter about crimes being committed if they are apart of a business. And then the police would have more RP by creating a case to prove that the business is being used to fund criminal activities or being used to fund a known criminal. For Example Mario has just had a warrant put out for his arrest after gunning down 4 rabbits, 6 cops and an airborne squirrel, the police are now on the search for him and see one of Mario's employees opening up shop of Mario and his carro at Legion. Firstly any profits made from the employee at legion would be going to Mario the Bunny killer which would be helping him avoid the police and stay in hiding. Secondly if Mario himself was to open up shop without the police seeing him he is now a known killer who is serving food to strangers who he may be putting at risk as he is a killer and may kill again.
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    or how about, you agree to sell it to someone, then drive your car down to the dealership and then they buy it, so the lot is EMPTY 😉 And add a discord TEXT channel for people to advertise selling there cars.
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    Can we add the ability for a down/dead person to be allowed the /getintrunk function This will add more RP to hide bodies but also maybe driver the person down to the hospital, where you can grab a defib and start to RP local doctors treating the person.
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    I was looking for a script for this late last night before I went to bed after bringing it up to Asbonia for discussion. Turns out, everyone who’s working with the fuel mods have the function on their to do list, but really never gotten to it. That is the reason to why I don’t have one linked. This is the suggestion area, isn’t it? Oh right, it is. 😊 I suggest an attempt to do something it seems like no one else has done before – adding fuel syphoning. Add a syphoning kit you can buy, so you can use it towards vehicles left on the streets/found around the map. Maybe even make it skill based when we get that far (?). For example; If you run out of fuel for your car you can either call a mechanic/a friend to come help you with it where they would bring a gas canister for it. However, with this new feature you can (in worst case scenario) bring your kit with you and syphon the gas out of a nearby player/npc vehicle and use this. (what about separating between multiple gas types like truck vs. car?) When you syphon out the gas you will get one unit (equals to one gas canister) you can do what you need with it. And if you really want to be a dick, go syphoning gas out of peoples cars (both player and npc parked cars) to sell at an illegal location? Syphon the gas out in case you need it – or sell it illegally? Now every pro needs a con, right? If possible add an action to the syphoning where the character pukes and loses a certain percentage of health? If this is to be added can I suggest making it a bit more difficult with how long your fuel lasts for and to make it so if your car is out of fuel, it doesn’t act weird but stops functioning all together? This will do multiple things: Force people to interact more by calling friends or mechanic (which then again gives the mechanics more to do) Use the gas stations more/increases realism and roleplay quality To finish off I just want to say that I'm amongst a lot of others who appreciate the hard work the dev team and admin team is doing to keep the community and server going and growing. Thank you all for what you do. - Cammy
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    Would the server ever consider, to allow the ability to buy Police weapons from the black market? I Would like to see this added, I think if the guns where marked up at a high price because they are an officers weapon, it could make some interesting Role Play and could also new charges against a person for owning an illegal Police weapon? I think variety is the key here. Is it realistic ? I believe so, i mean its Black market for a reason 😉
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    Paddy you want to offer some jewels to the girls i see 😛
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    With the new 0.93 patch and felons not being able to buy firearms, a way to make things easier for players is to add a system where your felony will be wiped off your record after a certain amount of time. This could be every month, two months etc (I'm sure the staff team can pick a reasonable time period). This will also change people's view on being a felon. Once a felon, there is no reward for not committing further felonies and thus many individuals continue to do stupid roleplay scenarios where there is no real consequence. The new system will make people think twice before committing a further felony if they want to get accept for jobs and have the ability to purchase a weapon from Ammu-Nation in the future.
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    i believe that would be way better to have this two menus separarted (menus attached in files), like F1 Personal Menu and F2 for Vehicle Menu. F1 Menu F2 Menu
  15. 2 points
    Thanks for your feedback, we'll look into it!
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    Hello 🙂 I just saw the new Local Medics feature and i have some things to point out: -Is to Cheap (300$); -You can use this feature with a EMS on duty, when you sould be in the hospital hurt and wait (Important); -The time to Heal from the Local Doctors it's to low 30sec. If you have a different opinion leave a comment 🙂 Lightbringer
  17. 2 points
    I second this as I was gonna put this up as a suggestion as well. I think the original idea about realism with the whole fact that criminals who's got felonies on their records was a good intention and a good idea. However, since it got alot of heat why not make a compromise? Yes, realism is good - but since it's a game it doesn't have to be all so deadly serious all the time (in my opinion). We're all here to have fun after all and for example, a speeding felony shouldn't determine if my character gets to buy a gun or not - for all her life. With this suggestion, you give the criminals a chance to do better by themselves, even makes a goal for the characters if they legally want to buy guns. In my case; do driving lessons and slow down in the city - and stick to it.
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    I have to agree. I see so many 'Wanted' people hanging around legion. Its just a safe haven for those who don't want to be caught as a criminal, I mean I like legion as a area to meet new people and such, But yeah. It becomes a safe zone for people. There are so many places in game that you can hide in general. xD
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    +1 Or put something we can aim at in the already existing gun ranges.
  20. 1 point
    Any review on the hunting one? fishing one has worked really well, Rednecks want to hunt some meat for yellow jack burgers !
  21. 1 point
    Thank you for your input, I'll take a look at that and see if I can fix it.
  22. 1 point
    +1 Would make for some new rp
  23. 1 point
    Fishing is already a think since patch 0.9.3, as far as hunting goes I'll have to look into that and bring it up with the rest.
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    Sadly the beards or any clothing can't be switch to a specific category as their streamed in based on their model it was made to replace, for example if a t-shirt was modeled for a decal it would replace that decal and not a tshirt item. I'm not a huge fan of the beards because of this, but it seems like most of the people are. I'll bring it up though.
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    I know there are a few female walk styles that were missing from the females. :3 I believe the two walk styles that are missing are Posh and Femme. Maybe a few more? https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/hair-styles-for-mpfemale-part-2-w-belly-piercing-d4158bca-7d68-459b-980a-89e18594db41 < Plus more hair for the females. Right? Its never a bad thing to add more stuff for the females around here!

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