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    Hi guys today I’m making this thread on the forums because I’m disappointed in the state of the admins and how the server has taking a dive in the past 2 weeks and it doesn’t look great! I’ve talked to Ben about this and I would like as many people to join admin waiting 1 hours after reset on Saturday the 18th of may! Just to clarify it will be the PM Reset not the AM one! So for me 5pm GMT Saturday 18th may. AND THATS JOIN ADMIN WAITING 1 HOUR AFTER RESET!!!! For more information: for example today we had scenarios where our reports didn’t get noticed for hours and people lost weapons and money because of it. Its also like a war zone even in the green zones now because whenever exile or Ben or desert isn’t in the city the server is chaos. I would like to do everything I can to make everyone’s experience better on the server so I’m hoping with your help we can get the server back where it was. 2 months ago. Id also like to mention that I’m not annoyed at admins as I understand they need brakes which is why we should sort this issue as a community!!!!
  2. 4 points
    So I thought I'd make this post today so our motto doesn't drift away into the dark because at this moment in time I personally think that it's being forgotten about. In day to day life we all live by a motto and so does Sunrise Roleplay and that's what makes us who we are as a person or in this case a community, but unfortunately this motto is fading away and this is something we can not let happen! Unfortunately there has been a few times some people have forgotten about the fact that as Sunrise we believe in letting the community members have their say on what they think could help this community as a whole, Also some people whom I shall not mention are being looked at and judged differently on the fact that they've had ONE offence on their player record, don't forget people do and can change! The main issue here for me is that I strongly believe on that if you go by a motto you stick and uphold that motto because like I've already stated it makes us who we are, so please everyone do me and this community a favour and lets bring this motto back to life.. 💜 💙💜💙 "Let Us Not Forget"
  3. 3 points
    I've seen alot of people being robbed on the highway, This happens from the "Robbers" pulling alongside work vehicles then saying "pull the car over". My problem with this is how on earth would you be able to hear someone saying "pull the car over" if you are both traveling at 75mph with your windows closed and possibly listening to the radio? this makes no sense on earth and is just an exploit of the voice system in the game. The other problem is when someone in a blacked out car tells you to pull over they have tinted windows so how would you be able to tell if there was a threat to your life? Yes they might be in a car but most of the time its a sports car trying to rob a van, and if a sports car tries to ram a van the van would win 9 times out of 10 so again you are not really in a position to lose as 1. you have the bigger heavier vehicle and 2. you cant see if they have a weapon or not as they have blacked out windows. My suggestion for a new rule is that people should not be able to initiate from a moving vehicle or a vehicle with windows up.
  4. 2 points
    @Ghost @Jasmine @Benjini cool cool lets make the community great again!
  5. 2 points
    I agree to this suggestion, really destroys the RP experience.
  6. 2 points
    Adding in BCSO Crown Vic, Taurus, Caprice. Sheriff is missing all of the marked variants.
  7. 2 points
    Selling cars to players as a player and not a dealership or even giving them away to friends/gang members would be a pretty good idea and here is why: As a player sometimes I see people with a beautiful car and instead of trying to recreate the car/buy it stock I'd like to be able to buy it right from the man who is about to sell the car back to the car dealer. I would like a way to buy a car directly from the man with the car that I want. If I bring a new player into the server who is my friend I might not have the money on hand to get him a car, but I might have 2 trashy cars that I'm willing to give up. I can't sell the car back and get him the same car that it was because I only get a percent of that money back that the car was worth. I go to a car show and see the most best ever I've ever seen in my life just to find out for some reason it's a car they don't sell anymore.
  8. 1 point
    Not sure if it's already a feature or not but I think it would be great if you could actually invite one or more players to play a round or two of tennis like in normal GTA. I think that it could be a great way of socializing and also spending time, maybe host tournaments etc. aswell.
  9. 1 point
    This belongs in the Suggestion Tracker section. It has been talked about in the past and I believe the answer was no. https://forums.sunrise-roleplay.eu/suggestion-tracker/?d=4&
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    Pretty basic idea, Add 1 or 2 chop shops (in garages or scrapyards obviously) around the map where you can take stolen player's cars and get rid of them to receive a sum of cash based off the base cash value of said car. I for one never do illegal jobs without snatching someones car beforehand, being able to take it to a chop shop when I need to get rid of it would be pretty cool and pretty much like real life. This would also open up more roleplay opportunities for both crims & cops, and throw a little more variation of scenario's that we already see.
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    I think there should be an option to whom you want to show your ID same with cash and other stuff in your inventory when you want to give somebody something, also there should be an option to view it yourself. This would resolve the issue when cops stop someone if he is driving with somebody he needs to step out of the vehicle to give id becauze you always shiw it to your buddy in passenger seat. Not sure if you guys considered this already so i brought it up.
  13. 1 point
    Its not allowed to rob at work as far as I know, but I do agree with no initiation from a moving vehicle cuz its exploiting the gta shooting system
  14. 1 point
    On the 6th of may 2019 at about 21:00 Myself and my brother Dewey were arrestd for a bank robbery, When we were detained my brother Dewey was not read his rights at all and ended up going to prison without his rights being read at all and the reasoning behind that was because he was a "Criminal" so Dewey spent 30 months in prison and received a $100k fine with out the correct procedues being taken. The $100k fine that Dewey recieved was for dirty money that he didnt have, I do not know who the arresting officer for Dewey was but I know he was a Sheriff. For Myself I play a 15 year old child with learning difficulties, when my rights were read I did not understand what an attorney was and told the officer that( can be seen in the first clip linked), I was then put in the car and driven to the PD, when i got to the PD i was put in the cell and asked a few questions but nothing major, it seemed that the cops had already decided what was happeing and did not want to hear from me or Dewey, After a while of being in the PD an office( I think his name was Tyler) came up and said i had been processed but he had never given me the chance to give my story or request an attorney, The officer then claimed that i had time to make a call while i was cuffed in the back of the car. At no time was i given a phone to make a call to an attorney and at no time was my character ever told what an attorney was even when he asked. The officer then refuses to let me have an attorney and says im not a minor but a criminal, In the whole situation the officer(I think was Tyler) didnt seem to care about my character or the fact that he needed to RP but more that he just wanted the arrest. Clip one Clip Two
  15. 1 point
    Could we use the hospital near legion? There is a way to open it up would be cooler if we could just walk in and out instead of the rings it has a huge interior to it!
  16. 1 point
    No worries 🙂 Happy to help, suggestions goes into the 'tracker > suggestion tracker' 🙂
  17. 1 point
    Sorry Ibiza, this isn't a suggestion section. This is a guide section, none the less the reason we do not have it currently is because of the severe texture loss in legion and opening that up will cause even more severe texture loss than we currently have. I know for a fact that we are working on getting in implemented and it's ready, the issue is Legion and how we can resolve it. We've been working on ideas for the past month and are trying our very best to get it open, it will be one day but we need to resolve that issue first because that is an open interior in which if the texture loss happens you won't even be able to enter the hospital at all without falling through the ground and so on, including if legion was 1/5 chances in texture loss happening opening pill box which will force people to be even more in that area it would be go down to maybe 3/5 chances that texture loss would happen. That is one of the major reasons PD for examples was moved from Mission Row, but like I said, the plans are to open it and we are working as best as we can to get people out from the Legion area and stop idling there. We are doing our best to get it in-game as soon as possible, but first that issue have to be resolved but also resolved in a manner it won't kill the roleplay or forcing people out of Legion. (This topic will automatically close in 24 hours and be deleted in 3 days) Update: Sorry about the rapid writing, I got a long shift at work coming up and I have to leave in 10 minutes, just wanted to give you an answer as fast as possible 🙂
  18. 1 point
    I'd love to see it rain more often, actually. 😛 But i love rain~
  19. 1 point
    Players requested rain, me included and the admins made it rain, that was the first time in about 3 weeks ive seen rain on ther server.
  20. 1 point
    Today it rained for a lot longer then I've ever seen it rain and this was after a restart. Maybe it just glitched out or something I guess? Was really weird.
  21. 1 point
    My presentation to everyone who is/isn't a mechanic, In this i will explain what i know from being on the job and what you may not know How i feel about being a mechanic I feel like mechanics are very limited in what they do, It's usually a clock in, wait around, get a call type of thing and it feels bland, Mechanics should do more! and i'm aware you can press (Delete) and do small jobs but there is no RP in it, I feel like mechanics should be the only people you can get upgrades from, So you come to a mechanics to get exterior body work done, front bumper, back bumper, side skirts, spoilers and all that, engine upgrades too, turbo's and engine parts. Why do i think this would be useful? I feel this would better mechanics in their skills and It would add a new role to mechanics, New recruits could be roadside until they work their way up and gain the trust of mechanic bosses and mechanic supervisors and when they see they work hard they would be given a new rank, There's always a mechanic on who can do roadside and bodywork so people aren't left stranded, This could also add a new system into the mechanics ranks. What RP does this bring? This brings a whole new element of RP to the mechanic and social platform of things, People would phone in and ask if we are in the shop, they come down and explain what they want we deliver the upgrades- they see the upgrades done to the car and we pay for it and add a fitting rate onto the parts, Our in-house mechanics take care of the cars what come in weather it be from repairs to bodywork or engine work everyone gets a fine platter of role play from the scenario's provided. Other things to add in I've spoken to a few people about this and they've all agreed that this would better the mechanic role in the city, People may agree or disagree and have some well driven points, But from me personally being a mechanic i can see this bettering the city. People who aren't mechanics shouldn't be allowed to upgrade their cars, trained professionals should. Just like you cant buy any car you want without a car dealer online. (side note) Please take into consideration that the mechanic system has the been the way it is for some time and it hasn't been changed in a long period of time, I played on a city before that had this mechanic and it was very enjoyable being able to do this. People will probably say "Oh well this doesn't make sense at all' but it really does, Every other role in the city has gotten a upgrade compared to the mechanic role and it feels bland, car dealers would be irrelevant if you could buy a car without them selling it to you. (side note) I thank you for reading this and seeing my point, but if you didn't i still appreciate the feedback.
  22. 1 point
    From time to time we get so crowded with players that people can't join or it takes hours of waiting to even join, this could run new players off and potential officers, EMS, car dealers, etc. I suggest we have a second server for overflow so that people can play without the wait; The moment the server hits a queue of 5< or 10< then the people in the queue are automatically directed to server #2, all on the same shared DB so they still use the same roleplay characters and all. This should help bring new players in and keep them, along with getting our name out there even more. Just yesterday I was in a line of 80 people, enough to fill 3 servers, and I spent hours waiting to get in just to find that my sound was on my speakers and not my headset, a problem that can only be solved by restarting you game. I found this to be disheartening and frustrating, I lost all desire to play, but I got back in line anyway. For another player running into a problem like this, it could be the determining factor if they play or not. Just this morning there was a line of 20 people at 10:00 AM EST (1000 military time). This is just two of the reasons why a second server would be beneficial, there are many more instances as to why a second server would be a good thing.
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  24. 1 point
    Real Life Portion Please answer these questions based on your real life, not your character. Name: Date of Birth: Gender: Discord Name: Email Address: What country are you from? What is your time zone? Do you have a working microphone? Do you have car selling experience? (FiveM or Real life.) Sunrise RP Character Life Portion Please answer these questions as your in-game character persona. -General Information Name : Date of Birth Gender: Phone Number: Current Occupation? Ever been convicted of a felony? If so, what? -Long Answers Tell us a little about yourself. (Provide a detailed backstory for your character.) What makes you want to join the Premium Deluxe Motorsports Team? What driver certification do you have on your license? (Example: GVL- GOVERNMENT LICENSE, MB- Motor Bike.) Explain a customer service challenge you have faced and how you were able to resolve it. What is one thing that motivates you in work? In (25 words max) explain one activity you would like to see occur for the community from the Premium Deluxe Motorsports Team. -Scenario Portion There are 5 customers waiting in line, you are the only car dealer available to help them, one of the customers begins to become frustrated. How will you handle the frustrated customer and keep them in line so they don't walk out? (Explain how you would react to this sitution) A customer purchases a car and you forget to tell them to go to the impound to ensure their car is registered to them, they come back and are upset they just modified their car and now lost all their money, what do you do? (Explain how you would handle this situation.) A customer come in and requests a car to purchase and would like to test drive it. While test driving it they wreck the car. They come back without the car and would like to test drive another car, what do you do? A few customers are waiting in line at the dealership and you are assisting one at the moment, one customer in line passes out from not being hydrated, what do you do next? A customer comes in looking to buy either a motorcycle or vehicle of some kind, you check there ID and they have no certifications on it, what do you do? Signature: Date: Approved by: Premium Deluxe Motorsports Executive Team This application can change at any time without warning
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    Yeah and i'm not saying stop the rain full stop. It stopped raining after doing it for quite a while then 10 minutes later it started again. I'm not saying that having rain is a bad thing, just that it seemed to rain too much yesterday.

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