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This is our motto...
So I thought I'd make this post today so our motto doesn't drift away into the dark because at this moment in time I personally think that it's being forgotten about. In day to day life we all live by a motto and so does Sunrise Roleplay and that's what makes us who we are as a person or in this case a community, but unfortunately this motto is fading away and this is something we can not let happen!

Unfortunately there has been a few times some people have forgotten about the fact that as Sunrise we believe in letting the community members have their say on what they think could help this community as a whole, Also some people whom I shall not mention are being looked at and judged differently on the fact that they've had ONE offence on their player record, don't forget people do and can change!

The main issue here for me is that I strongly believe on that if you go by a motto you stick and uphold that motto because like I've already stated it makes us who we are, so please everyone do me and this community a favour and lets bring this motto back to life..

💜 💙💜💙

"Let Us Not Forget"
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1 Year Anniversary
About a year ago me and a buddy of mine sat at our computers joking about the old days when we were coding our first game server about how we should get together and try something new, at the time it was just a joke between friends but we started coding on FiveM and wanted to build or 100% very unique framework ourselves. All of the sudden while I was away on vacation the word spread and somehow I'd guess about 100 people came no discord and over hyped the project. It was hyped so bad that we had to drop everything we did and take the chance, and go with public scripts in which we chose the essential extended framework.

Today it's 7 days left until Sunrise Roleplay have been open for 1 year, even though we've had rough times, shared tears and blood we are still here and growing strong. I wake up every morning thinking it's a dream, it so surreal. I have no words to say more thank you all, without each and everyone of you there wouldn't be any Sunrise Roleplay.
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Subscription Rank Giveaway
Tired of waiting in the queue, but don't have money to purchase a Donor rank? 

Felt like doing a bit of a small giveaway it's nothing big, this Giveaway / Raffle is gonna be for a Subscriber rank as well as a Contributor rank. The giveaway will conclude next week Monday, good luck to all. 1st Prize will be for the Subscriber rank and the 2nd Prize will be for the Contributor Rank.
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We are inviting everyone into a community meeting
During one of the staff meetings, a few subjects were introduced, discussed, and finally brought to the table.  After a long brainstorming session, a suggestion to make some big changes to Sunrise was voted on by staff, and ultimately passed. As this is a community, we’d also love to hear your input on the topic before things are finalized. A community is only as good as it’s members, after all! So, that said, this announcement is an invitation for you to be part of a meeting to discuss these future changes.

There will be a few requirements to keep such a big meeting running smoothly, and it’s extremely important that everyone who is involved follows these regulations to a T. If they aren’t followed, you will be removed from the meeting and depending on the severity of the infraction, you may be punished further.

Meeting Schedule:
You will be allowed to enter the meeting 30 minutes before the meeting starts.  Once the meeting starts the doors will be closed and they will remain closed. Anyone who does not make the start time will not be permitted late-entry into the meeting. During the meeting, the AFK function on discord will be disabled to prevent people from being moved out of the channel because of the muted microphones.

Date: Saturday 6th April
Time: 6:00 PM GMT / 1:00 PM CST
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Beta version released, useful information.
Not too long ago we released a hotfix for the latest patch and among these changes, one of the biggest was the queue system. After a long discussion on how to improve the current queue system, it was decided that it was best to scrap it and rebuild it from scratch. The biggest change to the queue system is the REST API being integrated into it. In short, this change allows the queue to fetch on-the-go information faster and prevents the queue from overloading the server. Here’s a rundown of what’s changed with the queue system: We've introduced a function to remove the "ghosts" in the queue. In the previous version, when people would join the queue then decide against waiting through it and leave, they'd remain in the queue, holding that number as a "ghost," and ultimately...
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Important Queue Information & Changes
Lately, our queues have been growing exponentially to the point where a lot of members can no longer get into the server and are suggesting for us to open up a secondary server. Like I've answered to them the issue with opening a secondary server is that we are lacking the staff for it as well as other important factors to it. Now don't get it wrong I am still listening to your suggestion and I will bring it to the next staff meeting. It's been a floating subject there for quite some time because of the same reason listed above. I am, however, listening to your suggestions. Among many good ideas, something that was caught my eyes was a suggestion in which members do get ahead of guests which in my opinion is a great idea, although it's still something that the staff team will have to approve....
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