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  1. This shouldn't be posted in suggestions as its a bug. But to keep you up to date on the situation, we're working as best as we can to fix this issue since it was discovered, however, since we can't reproduce the issue or find a cause for it to happen the progress is slow. The only way to fix this issue is finding the cause of it so we can reproduce the issue and that still hasn't been found. The dirty money in the apartment is a new thing which so far has been working perfectly fine which makes it even more confusing. But, like I said we're doing our best to find and resolve the problem.
  2. 123B3n


    Removed all custom vehicles & replaced them with lore-friendly vehicles. May still be a few in there that aren't lore-friendly, for example departments such as PD, BCSO & LSFD Replaced vanilla voice system with TokoVoip Cellphones still have to be patched over to TokoVoip, meanwhile phones will stay as is. Added radio functions for TokoVoip which essentially replaces Bluetooth calls. Added a new notification system, some scripts are still being switch over to the new system. Added "cheat" cards for medical and pd, such as Miranda rights and vital information for medical roleplay. Added functions to safe wheel positions when exiting vehicles. Added a completely reworked job center with a more professional layout. Added purge functions allowing purge server events for people to blow off steam, these events will only happen as a reward for good roleplay. Added functions to prevent robberies from happening during purge. Improved the user-interface, removed functions and other calls that wasn't needed anymore due to TokoVoip. Improved the vanilla siren controls to resemble the ELS control layout. Improved economy, essentially changing the dollar value by 10, so if you have 100 dollars now you'll have 10 dollars in the new economy, this includes cars & other prices as well. Some prices may be subject to change to balance the economy even better. Removed ELS from the server completely. And a lot more tweaks and performance upgrades.
  3. 123B3n


    Hell and welcome, If you go out to the home page of the forums you can see a discord widget on the sidebar, if you click on that one you can join the discord server. To become a Police Officer in-game you have to apply on the forums for it, there are BCSO as well as LSPD the choice is yours. Just make sure when you apply that you've read through the requirements as the first time you join the server you are most likely not going to meet those requirements straight away. Hope this answered your questions, if you have any more just let me know and I'll get to it as soon as possible 🙂
  4. 123B3n


    Task [SR-69] - Remove old twitter and anon functions [SR-79] - New robbery functions [SR-80] - Added a Jewelry store robbery in LS [SR-81] - NPC are now robbable with a 40% chance of calling 911 [SR-82] - New drug system [SR-83] - Weed gathering system [SR-84] - New Items [SR-85] - Lock picks (Handcuffs) [SR-86] - Head bag [SR-103] - Keycards for hacking [SR-87] - Bug Fixes & Optimization [SR-93] - Prison update [SR-94] - Hidden pawn shop [SR-95] - Removed ticket information from LSPD & BCSO [SR-96] - Rebuilt trunk script with weight balance loaded per item from the database [SR-97] - Reports hook into discord channel for admins. [SR-98] - New money laundry features(Gives access to lower criminals to clean money) [SR-99] - Added hack functions for door locks [SR-101] - New Business [SR-102] - Mario & His Carro Bug [SR-71] - Softskills reset warning not working [SR-88] - Respawn text duplicated [SR-89] - Brinks & trucker icons incorrect size and type [SR-90] - Mechanic icon size incorrect [SR-91] - Male outfits incorrect from last EUP update [SR-92] - Invalid locale for MileOne [SR-104] - Added missing pictures to the inventory

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