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  1. 123B3n

    Subscription issues

    You need to go to your settings on the forums and link your steam, if you are already in the queue since before you need to leave the queue for more than 3 minutes and get back in the queue and you'll have the priority pass activated and correctly assigned. Here is a link for the setup guide if you need it, there is a new setup coming shortly ones the new priority queue system is finished, here is a link for the current one: http://sunrise-roleplay.eu/data/queue-setup.pdf Let me know if you have any more issues.
  2. Hello everyone, recently I got tons of questions on how you actually install custom sounds for your FiveM, I've taken the liberty to create this tutorial and as this tutorial goes I will be installing a weapon sounds. The general idea behind this is to give you an understanding behind how it all works. It's pretty much the same for all other sounds as well. There are probably more ways or better ways of doing this, but this is the only way I know how to do it so far. P.S Do not forget to backup your game as I am not responsible if your game breaks. Requirements OpenIV Realistic Guns Sounds 3.1 ArchiveFix Step 1 Lets start by setting up ArchiveFix as this will take some time to get done as it has to find and store the encryption key from your game, yes it sounds scary but it's only reading the data. Also do not be afraid if your CPU is being maxed out, this is a heavy process and it takes a fairly long time to get done. When you've extracted your ArchiveFix to a location, open that location in your explorer and hold shift while you right click on a empty space, then select command line, or if you know how to "cd" your way there from your command prompt you can do so as well. When you are this far prepare your command line by entering the following "archivefix fetch", now do not click enter yet. Start up your normal GTA V and when that is open hit enter on it and just wait until it's finished. This may vary depending on your computer specs but I'd estimate it anything from a couple of minutes to 10 minutes to get this key done. When everything is done you can close your game. Now, you can tab down and do something else while it's doing its own thing that is perfectly fine, it will continue in the background. Next steps For this section I got a video for you guys as the step one I've done since a long time ago and I'm not redoing it, takes way to long and you pretty much can't do anything else as it takes a lot of performance on your computer.
  3. 123B3n

    How to Apply for paramedic

    Go there: https://forums.sunrise-roleplay.eu/forum/20-lsfd-applications/ Copy the format and create a new topic and paste in the information, name the topic "F. Lastname - EMS Application MM/DD/YYYY" of the date you submit it, the application may contain in character and out of character information. Best of luck!
  4. 123B3n

    1 Year Anniversary

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    About a year ago me and a buddy of mine sat at our computers joking about the old days when we were coding our first game server about how we should get together and try something new, at the time it was just a joke between friends but we started coding on FiveM and wanted to build or 100% very unique framework ourselves. All of the sudden while I was away on vacation the word spread and somehow I'd guess about 100 people came no discord and over hyped the project. It was hyped so bad that we had to drop everything we did and take the chance, and go with public scripts in which we chose the essential extended framework. Today it's 7 days left until Sunrise Roleplay have been open for 1 year, even though we've had rough times, shared tears and blood we are still here and growing strong. I wake up every morning thinking it's a dream, it so surreal. I have no words to say more thank you all, without each and everyone of you there wouldn't be any Sunrise Roleplay. Disclaimer: You have to PM @123B3n if you won any of the prizes, you got 7 days from the point this raffle was ended to claim your prize or it will be given out to someone else. Special thanks to the following people Rangoon (City Advisor 07/23/2018 - 11/22/2018) ToomToom (City Advisor 07/23/2018 - Unknown) Deany (Current City Advisor) Judd (Former Head Admin) Snap (Admin) Exile (Admin) Haley (Admin) JesusHChrist (Admin) Leaf (Admin) NoobySoft (Admin & Dev) Myagi (Admin) Daquan (Admin) Swaine (Admin) Dedset (Server Mod) Legeondz (Server Mod) Jordii (Former Moderator) Kentwolf (Moderator) Not Irwin (Moderator) Louie (Moderator) MarX (Moderator) MKuul (Moderator) Young (Dev) FardrowN (Co-Founder) And, everyone else that I've missed....
  5. 123B3n

    FiveM has encountered an error

    Thats a FiveM crash, just clear your cache as it seems to be an invalid/corrupted cache model that you've managed to download.
  6. 123B3n

    FiveM has encountered an error

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. 123B3n

    New Rule to improve RP

    Don't wanna spoil anything there are a rule coming up shortly that is in work since a couple of weeks ago about making it so that workers are 100% green zones, as it's not fair to go from point A to B all the time and get robbed as the robbers know all of the spots and it's always the same spots so it's not a dynamic route as it most likely would've IRL.
  8. 123B3n

    The return

  9. 123B3n

    Sheriff Related

    1: Vic is broken and I haven't got around to fix it yet. 2: Don't think there is a Taurus or a Caprice in your back
  10. 123B3n


    No worries 🙂 Happy to help, suggestions goes into the 'tracker > suggestion tracker' 🙂
  11. 123B3n


    Sorry Ibiza, this isn't a suggestion section. This is a guide section, none the less the reason we do not have it currently is because of the severe texture loss in legion and opening that up will cause even more severe texture loss than we currently have. I know for a fact that we are working on getting in implemented and it's ready, the issue is Legion and how we can resolve it. We've been working on ideas for the past month and are trying our very best to get it open, it will be one day but we need to resolve that issue first because that is an open interior in which if the texture loss happens you won't even be able to enter the hospital at all without falling through the ground and so on, including if legion was 1/5 chances in texture loss happening opening pill box which will force people to be even more in that area it would be go down to maybe 3/5 chances that texture loss would happen. That is one of the major reasons PD for examples was moved from Mission Row, but like I said, the plans are to open it and we are working as best as we can to get people out from the Legion area and stop idling there. We are doing our best to get it in-game as soon as possible, but first that issue have to be resolved but also resolved in a manner it won't kill the roleplay or forcing people out of Legion. (This topic will automatically close in 24 hours and be deleted in 3 days) Update: Sorry about the rapid writing, I got a long shift at work coming up and I have to leave in 10 minutes, just wanted to give you an answer as fast as possible 🙂
  12. 123B3n


    Added animations for /getintrunk @NoobySoft Added animations for putting on/taking off a mask with Shift + M @NoobySoft Added 53 /e emotes @NoobySoft Created a function to carry individuals with a /carry command @123B3n @NoobySoft Resource optimization: @123B3n UI ~6ms > ~0.5ms Mechanic Job ~0.9ms > ~0.03ms Trash ~0.16ms > ~0.05ms And more... Resolved and issue with the boss menu not showing up for LSPD @123B3n Resolved and issue with the gym causing an exploit @123B3n Removed LSPD and BCSO from the scoreboard due to large amount of metagaming @123B3n Temporarily resolved an exploit with the jobs @123B3n A more and better version will be released in the next patch Updated weapon recoil & shake effects @123B3n Resolved issue with invalid hashes Improved recoil on certain weapons Updated ELS+ to the latest dev build @123B3n
  13. 123B3n

    Luxury Skins

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. 123B3n

    Luxury Skins

    Duplication of
  15. During one of the staff meetings, a few subjects were introduced, discussed, and finally brought to the table. After a long brainstorming session, a suggestion to make some big changes to Sunrise was voted on by staff, and ultimately passed. As this is a community, we’d also love to hear your input on the topic before things are finalized. A community is only as good as it’s members, after all! So, that said, this announcement is an invitation for you to be part of a meeting to discuss these future changes. There will be a few requirements to keep such a big meeting running smoothly, and it’s extremely important that everyone who is involved follows these regulations to a T. If they aren’t followed, you will be removed from the meeting and depending on the severity of the infraction, you may be punished further. Rules and Regulations: If you’re attending this meeting your microphone must be on mute at all times so that the staff can present the changes. The only time you should be un-muting your microphone is when you are directly addressed or asked to voice an opinion. Speaking without permission and interrupting others will be grounds for removal from said meeting. Everyone will have the opportunity to speak and voice their opinions at some point during the meeting. It is important that this meeting is NOT streamed or recorded. By accepting this invitation to join the community meeting you are agreeing not to record, stream or even discuss any of the confidential information that will be presented. Once a decision has been made it will be announced to the entire community. Anyone breaking the rules listed above will be removed without any prior warning. Meeting Schedule You will be allowed to enter the meeting 30 minutes before the meeting starts. Once the meeting starts the doors will be closed and they will remain closed. Anyone who does not make the start time will not be permitted late-entry into the meeting. During the meeting, the AFK function on discord will be disabled to prevent people from being moved out of the channel because of the muted microphones. Date: Saturday 6th April Time: 6:00 PM GMT / 1:00 PM CST

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