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  1. We also have a full EUP coast guard outfit, but never been needed until now kinda thing. The Coast Guard boat is primarily used by the police when people jump in the water such as drug sellers, etc.
  2. 123B3n

    New Drug Selling Script

    Its not even a script, this is also the wrong page (https://forums.sunrise-roleplay.eu/suggestion-tracker/) It's simply a mod for single player.
  3. 123B3n

    Bugs and fine tuning

    Changed Status to Under Review
  4. 123B3n

    Beards and T-Shirts at the same :)

    Please do, EUP is a touchy subject as it's buggy as it is with certain items if not modeled correctly and stuff. It's worse then ELS XD
  5. 123B3n

    Hunting and Advanced Fishing

    Changed Status to Under Review
  6. 123B3n

    Hunting and Advanced Fishing

    Fishing is already a think since patch 0.9.3, as far as hunting goes I'll have to look into that and bring it up with the rest.
  7. 123B3n

    Limit 1 car per user in the Used Cars ;)

    Changed Status to Under Review
  8. 123B3n

    Beards and T-Shirts at the same :)

    Changed Status to Under Review
  9. 123B3n

    Beards and T-Shirts at the same :)

    Sadly the beards or any clothing can't be switch to a specific category as their streamed in based on their model it was made to replace, for example if a t-shirt was modeled for a decal it would replace that decal and not a tshirt item. I'm not a huge fan of the beards because of this, but it seems like most of the people are. I'll bring it up though.
  10. 123B3n

    LSPD Complain LeRoyce Hawkins

    I mean to be fair your name in-game is Hawk Trippin, wouldn't be the first time anyone got it wrong
  11. 123B3n

    LSPD Complain LeRoyce Hawkins

    Where is the breaking character part?
  12. 123B3n


    Task [SR-1] - Law enforcement emergency button [SR-2] - Law enforcement ALPR [SR-5] - Duty-belt holster feature [SR-6] - Public/Private garage returning vehicle exploit [SR-7] - Used vehicle dealership feature [SR-9] - Anti-combat logging exploit [SR-13] - Update the loading screen with new pictures [SR-25] - New civilian jobs [SR-30] - New ammunition features [SR-32] - Optimization and improvement of the robbery scripts [SR-42] - Factotum industries complete build [SR-44] - Hospital > Pillbox complete rebuild [SR-45] - Phone functions not loading correctly [SR-46] - Optimization and improvement of public instances [SR-51] - Softskills reset check invalid due to syntax issue [SR-54] - Cruise control class issues > flag check implemented [SR-59] - Emergency vehicles > auto clean due to dirty map bug [SR-60] - Wave height based on weather [SR-61] - New main ui [SR-65] - Push broken cars [SR-67] - Invalid hash keys for weapon data > implement dynamic data Sub-task [SR-3] - CAD Synchronization [SR-4] - CAD Vehicle Flag [SR-19] - Complete reworked inventory [SR-20] - Vehicle trunk support inventory support functions [SR-22] - Property safe support inventory support functions [SR-26] - Garbage collector job [SR-29] - Ocean salvage job [SR-31] - Identification card class 3 [SR-33] - Database store robbery tables implementations [SR-34] - New and improved log functions [SR-35] - General optimization [SR-43] - UI build [SR-48] - Transfer instances over to the database [SR-53] - Transfer stores over to the database [SR-63] - Inventory images for all database items & weapons
  13. 123B3n

    1 Year Anniversary

    Type: Giveaway


    • 4 Prizes
    • 47 Participants

    About a year ago me and a buddy of mine sat at our computers joking about the old days when we were coding our first game server about how we should get together and try something new, at the time it was just a joke between friends but we started coding on FiveM and wanted to build or 100% very unique framework ourselves. All of the sudden while I was away on vacation the word spread and somehow I'd guess about 100 people came no discord and over hyped the project. It was hyped so bad that we had to drop everything we did and take the chance, and go with public scripts in which we chose the essential extended framework. Today it's 7 days left until Sunrise Roleplay have been open for 1 year, even though we've had rough times, shared tears and blood we are still here and growing strong. I wake up every morning thinking it's a dream, it so surreal. I have no words to say more thank you all, without each and everyone of you there wouldn't be any Sunrise Roleplay. Disclaimer: You have to PM @123B3n if you won any of the prizes, you got 7 days from the point this raffle was ended to claim your prize or it will be given out to someone else. Special thanks to the following people Rangoon (City Advisor 07/23/2018 - 11/22/2018) ToomToom (City Advisor 07/23/2018 - Unknown) Deany (Current City Advisor) Judd (Former Head Admin) Snap (Admin) Exile (Admin) Haley (Admin) JesusHChrist (Admin) Leaf (Admin) NoobySoft (Admin & Dev) Myagi (Admin) Daquan (Admin) Swaine (Admin) Dedset (Server Mod) Legeondz (Server Mod) Jordii (Former Moderator) Kentwolf (Moderator) Not Irwin (Moderator) Louie (Moderator) MarX (Moderator) MKuul (Moderator) Young (Dev) FardrowN (Co-Founder) And, everyone else that I've missed....
  14. 123B3n

    The return

  15. 123B3n


    Added animations for /getintrunk @NoobySoft Added animations for putting on/taking off a mask with Shift + M @NoobySoft Added 53 /e emotes @NoobySoft Created a function to carry individuals with a /carry command @123B3n @NoobySoft Resource optimization: @123B3n UI ~6ms > ~0.5ms Mechanic Job ~0.9ms > ~0.03ms Trash ~0.16ms > ~0.05ms And more... Resolved and issue with the boss menu not showing up for LSPD @123B3n Resolved and issue with the gym causing an exploit @123B3n Removed LSPD and BCSO from the scoreboard due to large amount of metagaming @123B3n Temporarily resolved an exploit with the jobs @123B3n A more and better version will be released in the next patch Updated weapon recoil & shake effects @123B3n Resolved issue with invalid hashes Improved recoil on certain weapons Updated ELS+ to the latest dev build @123B3n

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