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  1. Sunrise Roleplay

    Gang Rules

    | ENFORCED GANG RULES | - Only 6 people from a gang are allowed to do a "criminal" roleplay scenario together, this includes, robbery, store robbery, and kidnapping etc. - Drug locations are limited to 6 people per gang, this means if you have 12 members online, you can only have 6 members at one location. This does not include hanging out with all of your members, as long as a scenario isn't started with more than 6 members (per group). - This also includes "associations" with other people. You cannot have anybody you consider an associate tag along if you already have 6 people active
  2. Sunrise Roleplay

    How to make a gang

    If anyone is looking to legitimize a gang then fill out a gang handbook that contains the following: - Introduction that tells the backstory of your gang - Ranking system - Character development for the leaders - Gang Rules - Alliances and rivalries - RP scenarios your gang can provide - Any other information you want to include (I.E Gang colors, methods of income) Requirements: 3 gang members Then send the google doc to @Deany. The more detail and RP you put in your handbook, the better the chances for your gang and/or drug being added into the server. Note: If you are requesting a drug to be added to the server be sure to include how your gang got involved in said drug and that it fits your gang's RP.
  3. Sunrise Roleplay

    Rico System

    Rico System The rico system is a point based system the police can use to build a case against organised gangs, all gangs and illegal organisations are subject to it with no exceptions In order for a gang to acquire a rico point on record the gang must first be identified as a gang by the police in character this can be done in a number of ways such as a gang member being arrested and mentioning the gangs name, or someone who has done business or received information about said gang in character then telling the police. After a gang has been identified as existing by the police they may then open up a case from this point on the gang with a case opened on them may now gain rico points. It is important to note that anything linked to the gang that happened before they were identified can not be brought up later and added to the gang once they have been identified only things after this point can be used in any rico case. All cases involving the gaining of a rico point must have a neutral admin involved who is not part of the police or the gang potentially receiving the point should such an admin not be available at the current time the police must record everything and hand the information in to an admin for review later, the police may still imprison the person and confiscate his illegal items found during the arrest as usual. Penalties 1) 7 points will result in a full gang wipe this can only be done with an admin overseeing the entire operation the police will raid the house of all gang members and all illegal items weapons and money found within the houses will be taken and destroyed, finally the gang boss will have his bank account and cash set to Zero other gang members may be subject to the same or a reduced bank penalty. 2) Should there be a drug bust on a drug location that a gang owns they have the right to move the location regardless if it was one of their members or another person however doing so will require the gang to pay out 1 million per location to the Black Hand this money is not kept it is deleted from the server after it has been received and the site has been relocated. Ways to gain Rico points 1. A single identified member of a gang is caught with drugs equal or above 1000 raw product or 200 processed product. 2. Multiple members of the same gang are caught at the same time in the same place none of them have the required amount of drugs to get a rico point but they all carry enough combined to add up to the required amount then the police can still issue a rico point. 3. A single Rico point can be acquired through capital charges, Example if a member of a gang murders someone and is caught and proven to have commited the murder and sent to prison, should this member also be a proven member of a gang identified to exist 1 single rico point can be issued, only 1 point can be issued regardless of how many murders were committed in this situation. 4. Multiple Rico points can be earned if multiple identified members of an identified gang commit multiple murders and all are caught and imprisoned for the crimes. This specifically means two people can only acquire 1 point between them if they kill 1 person together however should they kill 2 people then and only then can 2 points be acquired should they kill 3 or more only 2 points can be given unless more gang members were involved stacking up to the maximum of 7 for a full gang Rico. 5. A gang member or several gang members are caught and arrested with dirty money with a combined value of over $1000000 at one time. Having more money can not ever cause you to get more than 1 rico point example $4000000 will not be 4 rico points it will only be 1 point but the $4000000 will be confiscated by the police. 6. Illegal weapons trading can result in rico point acquisition should the deal have a combined value equal or above $500000, however simply being arrested with illegal weapons on your person will not result in any rico points just the usual jail time associated with such items, thus the only way to acquire rico pints from illegal firearms is the police catching someone in the act of selling illegal weapons. Only 1 rico point can be gained no matter how many weapons after the $500000 value mark unless there are 2 or more people from the same gang selling them at the same time in the same place part of the same deal.
  4. Sunrise Roleplay

    Gang Wars

    Gang Wars What is a gang war? Like the name implies a gang war is a conflict between 2 or more factions for supremacy and they are not to be taken lightly in this document we will outline both its purpose and functionality of a gang war as well as how they should be conducted on Sunrise Roleplay deviating from the information and rules outlined here will be strongly frowned upon and may result in punishments starting at light prison sentences going all the way to a permanent ban without appeal. Reasons The first important thing to realise when considering a gang war is you must have a valid roleplay reason for considering such a conflict, waking up in the morning and saying to yourself hey i fancy some random good old fashioned GTA online mass murder is not going to cut it so without further adieu. Reason 1. Gang A has been talking shit about Gang B for a while and Gang B is pissed they have attempted to talk to Gang A a number of times and have gone as far as executing several members, yet still Gang A keeps acting up and mouthing off in order to shut them up permanently Gang B has decided they will have a gang war with the purpose being Gang A forgetting everything they know about Gang B. Reason 2. Gang A is drugless but they have both drug locations owned by Gang B they run them on the daily and stop Gang B using their own spots so Gang A has decided it should be their spot, They declare Gang War for the location should they win Gang A gets the spot and its moved immediately upon victory, should they lose Gang B gets a free move of there drug spots and this is done immediately. Reason 3. Pure Roleplay, Gang A is repping the color red (example) and Gang B is repping the color Blue (example) so they have consistent RP issues repping different colors, relations over time get worse and the violence escalates Gang A issues Gang war on Gang B to force them to change their color forever Winner keeps there color loser cannot use the same color as a gang uniform or a month. How To All gang wars must be sanctioned by the admin teams only the attacking gang needs to agree to the war but this will be voted on by the admin team before a war can be started any unofficial wars will not only be stopped immediately the aggressors will also be harshly punished depending on how far it went . In order to gain admin sanction for a gang war you must first write up your reason why you want to declare war then submit the reason to the admin teams for review, ultimately your reason is irrelevant so long as it stays within RP and is a good reason to begin with, we shall read it through and look at it from a impartial neutral perspective then take a vote should you meet all requirements. How does it work? Upon have your gang war accepted there are a number of changes for you and your gang it is important your aware of how these work as fuck ups will not be tolerated and may result in a premature end to your gang war with you being declared loser immediately and without mercy (mercy is for the weak). 1. You must always know who you are attacking. 2. You do not need initiation to kill a rival gang member. 3. You do not need to give any fucks about the crying from the losing side. 4. You must never kill someone you are not 100% sure is a member of the enemy gang. 5. You must always have identified the members of enemy gangs before killing them. 6. Be aware all unidentified members of the other gang cannot be attacked (be sure). 7. You must never allow there gang wars to involved civilians not in either gang. 8. Do not be a fool make sure all other server rules are followed. 9. Please do not bitch and cry when losing you knew what you were getting into. 10. Do not waste admin time calling RDM when getting killed in a gang war. Specifics The first thing you need to be aware of is unlike normal crime RP during a gang war your not limited to 6 people from your gang during a gang war you may us the full extent of your gangs forces if you have 12 people you can roll up 12 strong even if it's to kill only 1 member of an enemy gang, of course that's only during gang war activities NOT oh good we can go kidnap random people now 12 strong that's still a big NO, you may only go over 6 people if it's to be used against an enemy gang member your at war with. You can have allies but they must be members of a gang and the boss of the gang must make it clear at the start of the war that they are entering as an allied gang to join one of the warring sides, a allied gang joining after the start of the way may be considered but this will be on a case to case basis and reviewed by the admin team the later into the war they want to join the less likely they will be allowed to join it. The gang war ends when the admin team says it ends or when one side surrenders, if there are allies involved and they leave the war before the actual end of the war none of the members of the allies gang may re-join or help the war at any given point in any way this will be considered fail RP should they attempt to do so. This has been said but i will write it again so it cannot be missed no civilians or people not members of either the gangs or allied gangs may be involved in the war in anyway, all people shot at or attacked without RP must have been identified in character as a member of the enemy gang, if either side goes around shooting random people saying “oops mistake” the admin team will likely end the war prematurely and proclaim the non-offending side as the winner even if they were losing before the incident occured we of course appreciate the odd mistake can happen but multiple offences from the same gang either at once or over a period of days will result in punishments. Be smart record what your doing during a gang war false or incorrect reports are inevitable and we will be patient as this system is new recording helps you as well as the victims and it helps the admins not hand out a unjust or unfair punishments. Soft War A soft war is a very different thing to a gang war the first major difference is all normal server rules still apply you must still initiate at all times when attacking a rival gang member, the second major difference is you do not need to apply to the admins a soft war is conducted purly between players and only to gain drug spots for official ownership. A soft war is conducted as follows, Gang A wants a drug owned by Gang B So Gang A starts running the drug (both locations) and they actively keep the actual owners Gang B away from their own drug either through force or other means, Gang A maintains complete control over the spots for 2 weeks and prove it to the admin team several times over the course of these two weeks then they Gang A then take the drug officially for themselves, the ownership is officially passed on and Gang B loses ownership rights, the location will then be moved to the locations of Gang A’s choice. Please keep in mind soft wars can be fought by multiple gangs in theory all gangs could at 1 time be competing for a single drug. Also it should be noted all gangs can in theory hold more than 1 drug or business or even all of them if they are successful enough but the opposite is true and a gang can have nothing if they lose their stuff Currently Available Cocaine Meth Opium Moonshine Weed Black Market Weapons Money Laundry All the Drugs or criminal businesses listed above can be conquered either through Gang Wars or Soft Wars there is not and hopefully never will be an exception to this rule Sunrise Roleplay offers equal opportunity to everyone and as such there is and will never be an admin gang who is immune to anything other gangs have to deal with all things can be taken and conquered from anybody by anybody so long as all server rules are met and fairly executed by members of our community.
  5. Sunrise Roleplay

    Green Zones

  6. Sunrise Roleplay

    Death Rules

    Forms of Death Forms of Death 1. Incapacitated = When you are downed for whatever reason you are essentially only badly injured and waiting to bleed out, you are still able to use your phone or Bluetooth during this point unless they were removed in RP or if you were incapacitated by the deliberate violent actions of another person such as getting shot or knifed. Regardless of any of these actions you may still be revived by any means and remember everything unless the person attacking you now begins stage 2 via the use of /me’s. 2. Dead with NLR = This happens when you either press E to respawn at the hospital or when or someone finishes you off in RP such as a /me cuts throat or /me puts a few bullets in head, any obvious and deliberate attempt to end your life or badly injure you, from here on out the aggressor must now stay with you for the full 3 minutes or if you receive medical treatment until the full forced respawn timer kicks in and sends you to the hospital from this point NLR is now in effect and the counter starts when you hit E or your forced to the hospital you do not remember the last 15 minutes of what happened nor do you remember any part of the previous RP scenario leading up to your Death you additionally may not return to the scene of your death for another 15 minutes. 3. Character Kill = Application, not just sent to one person it has to be approved by a minimum of 3 staff members to be able to be accepted or denied. The application can ONLY contain one person to be permed at each time, you may NOT perma several people at once. It MUST include a whole story as to why this story-line should be ended as well as all information added to it for said characters story-line to end. That short and simply means that you cannot be permed over “Someone knowing your ID”, a specific “Location” etc, those are smaller parts of the story-line in which cannot be used as an excuse to perma someone. As these parts could be used to continue the story-line and push it to another section of the book. If an application is approved the entire “perma” MUST be over-viewed by a staff member to ensure it’s 100% role played out to a tee. The reason behind this is simply because it involves someone's story line to end completely. The character will essentially be removed after the perma has been completed, either by force or voluntary. IF, the scene is not role-played out to a tee or the “Killer” fail role-played in any way, tiniest bit of it the application will automatically be canceled and the whole thing is voided. IF, an application is denied the same reasons used in a previous one may NOT be used again for an excuse to end the same persons storyline in the future. Risks of permas? Now with a perma, it will be hard for the police to actually catch someone for committing the crime, for example, the cops as the person most likely no longer exists there is very little evidence. BUT, what if the person where caught? Perhaps serve the said person with the exact same punishment if found guilty in the court as the other person had, by ending their story-line by death row? It simply has to be balanced and have a huge risk with it. It does not need to end in death, should there be an option that could result in the characters story continuing has that been considered and all other options exhausted before the perma. 4. The Death Penalty (Actual Character Deletion) = This is the most serious form of death and can only be given by a judge, it is acquired by being found guilty multiple times of some types of capital crimes such as murder and manslaughter and acquiring 6 murder points and then being charged with habitual murder you will be required defend yourself otherwise your character will be deleted. Should you be found guilty you will lose your character and all of his/hers money/assets (This is a work in progress) Rules of death Section 1. If you are downed by getting shot in the body or limbs by any gun or weapon without a /me to execute you after then you may still get revived by a friend or ems as usual. Section 2. In the event of section 1 happening you may not do a /me dies for 3 minutes to avoid prison time from police or avoid RP from other criminals the 3 minutes timer is there to simulate bleeding out and unless your sniped your not dead until you can re-spawn, however in the event your are given first aid the bleeding timer must be extended up to 10 minutes, an example would be a police officer shoots you and downs you then goes to his car retrieves a medical kit and begins to bandage your wounds to slow the bleeding via the use of /me's, your own /me's may be used by during this to simulate your journey into death but either way you cant die until the timer is over unless your executed by someone.
  7. All players are required by the community and the management to read through this agreement and the rules when joining the Sunrise Roleplay. You are responsible for checking this rules list for any updates it may have which is denoted by the "Last Updated" timestamp. Rules may be updated at any time, it is your job to keep updated with them, When joining the server it's implied that you accept these terms as well as you follow them. Play legitimately as if you were in the shoes of your character IRL, This means that you can't do anything that your character couldn't physically do IRL No Breaking character (Using voice chat or tweets for out of character information is prohibited) No Meta-Gaming (Such as using info that you have gained out of character for an In-Character benefit) No Power Gaming (Doing certain events that's impossible to do IRL which leaves the opposing player at a disadvantage) No FailRP (Doing events that are impossible In Real Life) You must value your life at all given times No Cop Baiting (Baiting Police to chase you) No VDM (Vehicle Death Match) No RDM (Random Death Match) New Life Rule: Once respawning from a death you can't go back to your area of death within 15 minutes(Your character also forgets what happened) No Fail Driving (Driving your vehicle in areas it wouldn't survive IRL) Kidnapping: There must be 2 Officers available if you want to kidnap anyone at any given time You can't steal any equipment from the Military base Keep Roleplay within the city, You must not bring problems outside of the city No Advertising (Website links must be removed from your steam name) No Internal/External Mods or Hacks Do not abuse bugs (Report any bugs to Admins, Moderators or in #📄bug-report) No Rape RP No Terrorism RP No Racism Microphones are a required No stealing Emergency Service Vehicles unless you've been granted access by an Admin within RP No crimes are to be committed in Green Zones unless they've been started outside of it (Green Zones are all Hospitals, Police Departments, Public Garages, and Legion Square) You are not allowed to trade in-game items/currency for anything IRL If you call the EMS, PD, Mechanic you must provide a detailed description of where you are and what happened Do not disrespect staff members Strictly no Sexual Harassment Using an invalid date of birth that doesn't match the format YYYY-MM-DD or isn't a realistic DoB is strictly forbidden. GREEN ZONE BAITING: People who start a situation in any green zone, knowing it may result in violence, theft or crime; for another person or party will receive a similar or exact punishment as the “rule breaker”. This would be classified as trolling and is not looked highly upon by people who want to Roleplay. No AFK Farming in drug locations for longer than 5 minutes (piss break), this will result in a kick, repeated offenses will result in a Ban. Do not do jobs in a personal vehicle all legal jobs must be started carried out and completed using the work vehicles provided When doing Hitman RP you must do the following. You must notify the person through twitter (anon) that a hit has been placed on the person when they are online. Once you find the target you MUST initiate on them IN GAME You can not run to your house in the middle of a Roleplay scenario. Whether it is with another Civilian or a Cop. Medics should not be within 200 meters of an active shooting, Reviving during combat is not allowed your not military combat medics your civilian EMS, No Combat Defibs either Car dealers are not to use any cars from the dealership for personal use if found doing so there job will be removed. The drivers of all forms of vehicles may never shoot from their vehicle unless stationary, passengers, however, may fire at will so long as all other RP requirements have been met. Whilst you are allowed to enter the military base you are NOT allowed to interact with armed military equipment such as but not limited to Fighter Jets and Tanks. Police are NOT allowed to plate check or arrest or start any form of police on crim RP within the 3 public garages this rule will function the same as all green zone rules wherein if the RP began outside a green zone this is not relevant, police may question for information but not arrest, detain, search, cuff, taze or shoot under any circumstances if someone else does its a green zone violation call an admin Calling for an admin because your not happy about getting caught by the police when they have abided by all the rules and are arresting you for a crime listed within there penal codes will be treated as wasting admin time DO NOT do it unless they're breaking rules or arresting for bogus unlisted reasons, they have the right to detain for questioning at any time in the event they have probable cause. Initiation Timer - When you initiate on someone that initiation is valid for 15 minutes ( example you are chasing someone lose them and see them an hour later you MUST reinitiate). A knife or bladed weapon is required on your character and in his hand in order to slit a throat to finish someone off in RP, you must first pull it out then write the relevant /me to execute the victim, if you do not do this correctly then the victim will survive if given medical treatment or defibed. Bluetooth calls must now be spoken in-game at all times when in an RP situation with someone who is not in your Bluetooth call but is within the blue/green icon talk range (seen by holding down H) this will work exactly as a police radio works, you can hear them and they can hear you, they can also remove your Bluetooth earpiece at which point you must deafen in discord and give or receive no further information from discord until such a time you either have your earpiece gave back or you respawn, failure to comply is FailRP and will be judged as such. Cell phones cannot be used when handcuffed or after they have been removed in RP anyone using their phone after such an event is deliberately committing failRP. Excessive OOC, There will be no arguing in OOC Chat. (example - Bob gets RDM'd by Joe, Bob goes off in OOC Chat about how Joe RDM'd him) if you feel someone has broken server rules you do /report (Players ID that you are reporting)(Why you are reporting them) if anyone is seen arguing in OOC chat you will be Warned, Jailed, Kicked Landing a helicopter/aircraft in a green zone or any public areas is not allowed. You are not allowed to take a number from a whitelist business and add it to your phone as a contact you do not know those numbers you are texting a company due to a FiveM script limitation it replies with the players personal number in RL it would be a separate business number, taking a players number is power gaming. Stolen Cell phones can not be used to acquire information about the character in-game an example being you cannot kidnap someone at random take there phone then force them to give you the phones password so you can read all their texts and get all there contacts, this is in place to stop potential discord metagaming such as you know there from a specific gang from discord tags, You can, however, force them to give you a single contact if you already know they have it in character or delete your own number from there phone. You are not allowed to identify someone by their voice. If you hear a person's voice without a mask and then with a mask you can't link the person based on their voice. You are not allowed to use public garages to collect license plates or information on peoples vehicles as it is unrealistic having to go to magic circles to get cars in the same place every time. If a player leaves for an extended period of time (2 weeks) without first notifying there gang or criminal friends that they are leaving they cannot use there criminal knowledge without first letting them know that they are back and waiting 3 days so people can get together and decide what to do this also goes for single characters if a player stops using one character and only plays on others they cannot use that criminal's knowledge either without doing the above. You can not force someone to go an ATM and give you all their money. You can not rob people at job locations when they are doing non-whitelist jobs if they are in a work uniform and have a work vehicle. In order to initiate criminal activity on an ems, there must be at least 3 ems on duty or OOC consent given by said ems. All forms of communication in the game shall remain in English. This includes but not limited to voice chat, OOC, and Twitter. If a player is being compliant during a robbery they can not be killed unless there is dirty money, drugs or a form of an illegal transactio The admin team is no longer refunding items from trunks under any circumstance unless video evidence is provided. If you want to store something long-term you must use a hotel room/apartment/house. If you get executed at an illegal location, You can not return to said location for 1 hour. In order to restrain someone or remove their weapons in RP they must be compliant you cant simply do a /me takes someone's weapon and expect it to be relevant unless they are being forced to value there life or doing it voluntarily during RP

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