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    Been implemented with TokoVOIP.
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    Fuel Syphoning

    I was looking for a script for this late last night before I went to bed after bringing it up to Asbonia for discussion. Turns out, everyone who’s working with the fuel mods have the function on their to do list, but really never gotten to it. That is the reason to why I don’t have one linked. This is the suggestion area, isn’t it? Oh right, it is. ? I suggest an attempt to do something it seems like no one else has done before – adding fuel syphoning. Add a syphoning kit you can buy, so you can use it towards vehicles left on the streets/found around the map. Maybe even make it skill based when we get that far (?). For example; If you run out of fuel for your car you can either call a mechanic/a friend to come help you with it where they would bring a gas canister for it. However, with this new feature you can (in worst case scenario) bring your kit with you and syphon the gas out of a nearby player/npc vehicle and use this. (what about separating between multiple gas types like truck vs. car?) When you syphon out the gas you will get one unit (equals to one gas canister) you can do what you need with it. And if you really want to be a dick, go syphoning gas out of peoples cars (both player and npc parked cars) to sell at an illegal location? Syphon the gas out in case you need it – or sell it illegally? Now every pro needs a con, right? If possible add an action to the syphoning where the character pukes and loses a certain percentage of health? If this is to be added can I suggest making it a bit more difficult with how long your fuel lasts for and to make it so if your car is out of fuel, it doesn’t act weird but stops functioning all together? This will do multiple things: Force people to interact more by calling friends or mechanic (which then again gives the mechanics more to do) Use the gas stations more/increases realism and roleplay quality To finish off I just want to say that I'm amongst a lot of others who appreciate the hard work the dev team and admin team is doing to keep the community and server going and growing. Thank you all for what you do. - Cammy

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