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  1. §1 Personal Information • RP Name: Enzo Carter • Discord Name: Tyger#2529 • Steam Account (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Its_Tyger/ • DoB (YYYY or AGE): 18 • Time Zone: GMT + 1 (UK Time) §2 Application Information • Why do you want to join the SAFD? (min. 50 words) - My aim always was to help people within the city, I did so by joining BCSO. Unfortunately, due to family problems (new city rule) I was made redundant and had to leave BCSO. After loosing my position in BCSO I was lost and confused for days, until my friend told me if I wanted to continue helping others there is always room in EMS. My friend was able to open my eyes and that is when I realised I have a greater ability to help others buy joining and proudly being a part of EMS. • Roughly how many hours per week can you dedicate to being on duty? - 10-15 hours. • Do you have any prior EMS experience in another city? - No. However I have some medical experience from my BCSO role – giving medical attention to both civilians and other officers. §3 Scenes • A person has fallen and broken his leg, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : - I would make myself present to the patient while observing the surrounding environment for anything which might have caused the incident. I would then proceed to inspect the patient. If the patient is conscious, I would ask the patient what happened and if they could tell me the body areas that hurt the most. After witnessing specific indicators, I would have suspicion of a broken leg – this will lead me to reposition the patient to make sure they are safe. After making sure the patient isn’t allergic to specific medication, I would administrate pain relief to the patient. After removing a stretcher from the ambulance, I would proceed to put the patient onto the stretcher – securing them and them him into the ambulance. Back at the hospital, I would proceed with an x-ray and figure out that the patient has a broken leg. I would continue by applying a cast onto their leg and helping them out of the hospital with a pair of crutches. • A person calls EMS and you arrive on scene, there's another person there but not injured and he's acting violent, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : - First, I will try calm the other individual and ask him if they witnessed what might have happened to the patient - as this could very important to medical treatment. After doing so, I will ask for the individual to step back and give myself and the patient some space - this is also to insure both of our safety. If the situation escalates, I will not hesitate to call for police back up over dispatch and try to detain the violent individual until the police arrive. After securing my own and my patients safety, I would proceed to examine the individual and proceed with medical treatment as usual. • A person has been in a vehicle accident and complains about neckpain, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : - Due to fragility of the neck, I will ask the patient not to move his head and keep any movement to a minimum while I retrieve a neck brace from the ambulance. After making sure the patient is still and in a safe position, I will continue with the application of the neck brace and secure a stretcher from the ambulance. I will move the patient onto the stretcher carefully and slowly, and take my time with carrying the individual back to the ambulance. Once back and secured in the ambulance I would ask the patient if they would like to receive any pain relief before starting to drive back to the hospital. After reaching the hospital and x-ray'ing the individual, I will apply medical attention based off the results. • A person has called EMS you pull up to the call and the first thing u see is the patient is wearing a mask what is the first thing u do before u proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : - If a person is with the patient, I would asking for a reason to which the patient might be wearing a mask. Depending on the reasonability of their answer I would either continue with the medical treatment or call for police back-up. If the patient is alone, I will call for police back-up as I'm treating the patient as being suspicious and thus I would need some sort of back-up for my own safety and well being before continuing any medical attention.

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