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  1. I agree with this, maybe for times in jail make a shop robbery a petty theft therefor they do communinty service instead of a full jail sentence and reward people for their RP if they rob a store and the cops think it was really good RP but they get caught let them keep the money but still do jail time.
  2. Just to confirm its not $250? now is it cause that's still to low IMO, I could be wrong as I haven't done the GoPostol since the new patch.
  3. Changed Status to Under Review
  4. Obtaizen

    Black Market

    Changed Status to Under Review
  5. Obtaizen

    Black Market

    I will forward this to the staff team!
  6. Thanks for your input, we'll look into this!
  7. Changed Status to Under Review
  8. Obtaizen

    Buying Cars

    Changed Status to Under Review
  9. Changed Status to Under Review
  10. Thanks for your input we'll look into this!
  11. Changed Status to Accepted
  12. Maybe we could re-look at these now Customs cars are gone and it would be nice to see new things around.
  13. Obtaizen

    Weapon /me

    I totally agree /mes should really only be used when in need for medical attention to further help medics or someone who's helping an injured person. There's no need for all these /me opens trunk /me grabs repair kit /me fixes broken pipe. You know I've opened the trunk when I do the /trunk command you know I got out a repair kit when I do /e toolbox 2 and you know I'm fixing something in the Engine when Im doing the animation that comes when you use a repair kit.

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