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  1. Lightbringer

    Get rid of LEGION Green zone

    there's like 6 garages.. no point on going to a greenzone to protect...
  2. Lightbringer


  3. Lightbringer

    jewellery Store Robbery?

    Paddy you want to offer some jewels to the girls i see 😛
  4. Lightbringer


  5. Lightbringer

    Realistic Fishing

    Hello, I've been doing fishing lately and i found out that if you applie any type of bait and if for some reason your rod breaks, the bait will continue there working, so my suggestion was to reset the bait when the rod breaks.. i already caught 3 sharks with 4 different rods with the same turtle xD Thanks Lightbringer
  6. Lightbringer

    Fishing time

  7. Lightbringer

    Nerf Self Heal at the Hospital

    Hello 🙂 I just saw the new Local Medics feature and i have some things to point out: -Is to Cheap (300$); -You can use this feature with a EMS on duty, when you sould be in the hospital hurt and wait (Important); -The time to Heal from the Local Doctors it's to low 30sec. If you have a different opinion leave a comment 🙂 Lightbringer
  8. Lightbringer

    F1 Menu

    i believe that would be way better to have this two menus separarted (menus attached in files), like F1 Personal Menu and F2 for Vehicle Menu. F1 Menu F2 Menu
  9. Lightbringer

    Beards and T-Shirts at the same :)

    I don't know if it's to hard to change the specific category of a model, but i'm going to investigate 🙂 Thanks
  10. Lightbringer


  11. Lightbringer

    Whale :)

  12. Limit 1 car per user in the Used Cars so more ppl have better opportunitie to place a car there.
  13. Lightbringer

    Beards and T-Shirts at the same :)

    i was thinking if you guys put the beards in the Decals category we will be able to use better beard outfits 🙂
  14. Lightbringer


  15. Lightbringer



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