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    This is our motto...

    So I thought I'd make this post today so our motto doesn't drift away into the dark because at this moment in time I personally think that it's being forgotten about. In day to day life we all live by a motto and so does Sunrise Roleplay and that's what makes us who we are as a person or in this case a community, but unfortunately this motto is fading away and this is something we can not let happen! Unfortunately there has been a few times some people have forgotten about the fact that as Sunrise we believe in letting the community members have their say on what they think could help this community as a whole, Also some people whom I shall not mention are being looked at and judged differently on the fact that they've had ONE offence on their player record, don't forget people do and can change! The main issue here for me is that I strongly believe on that if you go by a motto you stick and uphold that motto because like I've already stated it makes us who we are, so please everyone do me and this community a favour and lets bring this motto back to life.. 💜 💙💜💙 "Let Us Not Forget"

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