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    Ems application

    §1 Personal Information • RP Name: Olly Red • Discord Name: MrAdam • Steam Account (Link):https://steamcommunity.com/id/mradam218/ • DoB (YYYY or AGE): 16 • Time Zone: uk §2 Application Information • Why do you want to join the SAFD? (min. 50 words) - I want to join SAFD because i love to help people out in the city and im very hard working. Also im a very kind and respectful man who has recently flew from UK to Los Santos due to family problems however i did go to medical school and i would love to carry on my medical career. • Roughly how many hours per week can you dedicate to being on duty? - 10 - 20 • Do you have any prior EMS experience in another city? - Not much experience §3 Scenes • A person has fallen and broken his leg, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : I would asses the patient and the situation , i would try and keep the patient calm and keep him in a stable and comfortable position. Then i would put the patient on a stretcher and take him into the hospital and xray him. Then i would put a moon boot on his leg and supply him with cruchers and pain killers. • A person calls EMS and you arrive on scene, there's another person there but not injured and he's acting violent, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : - I would see if he is a threat to me first and if he is i would call the police and wait for them to arrive. Once the scene is safe i would then proceed onto taking care of he patient. • A person has been in a vehicle accident and complains about neckpain, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : - Firstly, i would get the patient into a comfotable position, then i would try and keep his neck in a comfortable place and get him on a stretcher and but a neck cast around his neck. Then i would take him down to the hospital. • A person has called EMS you pull up to the call and the first thing u see is the patient is wearing a mask what is the first thing u do before u proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) : - i would help the patient and support him with his injuries then i would ask him why he was wearing the mask, if he wont tell me then i would inform the police about the patient.
  2. MrAdam218

    Adam's Machanic Application

    Please answer these questions based on your real life, not your character. Name: Adam Smith Date of Birth: 22/05/03 Gender: Male Discord Name: MrAdam#4472 What country are you from? The United-Kingdom Do you have a working microphone? Yes Do you own a legal copy of GTA V? Yes How did you find out about Sunrise RP? I found out abt sunrise by watching Obtaizen on twitch Do you have mechanical experience? (FiveM or Real Life): i dont have much mechanic experiance Have you ever been in any other FiveM communities?(If so, please list them): I Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/mradam218/ Sunrise RP Character Life Portion Please answer these questions as your in game character personal. Name : Adam Smith Date of Birth: 1999/05/22 Gender: Male Phone Number: 778-2464 Current Occupation? Tailor Ever been convicted of a felony? If so, what? Yea but i cannot remember what for Describe yourself. (At least 50 word) Adam Smith Flew into the city 1 weeks ago and since then hes been out and about every day making money. Adam Currently works as a Tailor wich is his main job but wanting to find a new job that will suit him better, He really loves his cars and has alot of interest in them. Why would we choose you? (At least 50 word): You would choose me because i would be really active on duty as I would enjoy this job alot more than tailor. Also i see alot of people asking for machanics lately and it annoys me that i cannot do anyting about it. Also being a machanic is my dream job as i have a massive interest in cars. When you will work? I can work around 3 - 6 hours on week days and at weekends of days off i could work alot more Why you want to be mechanic? (At least 50 word : I would love to be a machanic because it seems really interesting and it would be more enjoyable than my current job. Also i like helping people out and being this job would help me enjoy the server even more as i have interest in cars. I see alot people in the city needing machanics however they are never able to make it to all the calls there is an abundance of calls.

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