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    I love sunrise

    A few sour apples can ruin the whole batch. It's unfortunate to see we didn't remove the bad fruit before it's toxicity got to the rest. Sunrise was my first true RP server. To see that lost is a shame. I am trying to stay positive, bit even if it does come back things won't be the same. I have created a lot of friends and I have never laughed and smiled so much in my life. Days when I was depressed, sunrise was a place for me to escape the reality and struggles of my day to day life. It was a place I could go and be who ever I wanted, even if it was an old man who caused everyone grief. So, I want to say thank you to those I played with. Thank you for the good times. I hope I see you all in Los Santos again soon. Much love! Sillygumpee. Aka Grandpa, aka Jasper

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