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  1. Real Life Portion Please answer these questions based on your real life, not your character. Name: Metin Eren Date of Birth: 20/12/2002 Gender: Male Discord Name: askaahs #4519 Email Address: [email protected] What country are you from? UK What is your time zone? GMT Do you have a working microphone? Yes Do you have car selling experience? (FiveM or Real life.) Sold a few cars on another server I played whilst Sunrise was down. Sunrise RP Character Life Portion Please answer these questions as your in-game character persona. -General Information Name : Omar Esa Date of Birth : 1989-02-20 Gender: Male Phone Number: 666-7060 Current Occupation? Citadel Security and Garbage man Ever been convicted of a felony? If so, what? None -Long Answers Tell us a little about yourself. Omar is a hard working man who has recently moved to Los Santos to improve his life. He started in the city as a garbage man, hoping to make his way up through the city. He has recently been appointed to the Citadel Security Agency which shows that Omar can work under pressure. Omar is a confident, hardworking and an understanding person. What makes you want to join the Premium Deluxe Motorsports Team? Omar would like to work with PDM as they stock the most excuisite cars which many people dream of. The chance to work with them is extraudinary for Omar. He also enjoys seeing people be happy, and people are usually happy when they buy their fresh new car. What driver certification do you have on your license? GVL and CCW Explain a customer service challenge you have faced and how you were able to resolve it. When Omar was a younger gentleman, he was a waiter in a restaurant back in the UK. Customers were rude to Omar on a daily basis, however one day Omar was confronted by a very angry customer. He explained that everytime he'd been to the restaurant he had received bad service from Omar. With Omar being a respectful gentleman, he kindly offered the man a pint and a meal on him. Omar payed for these things out of his pocket and made sure the customer was happy. It's fair to say, Omar is still in contact with this person today. What is one thing that motivates you in work? Omar loves to provide an excuisite service to the people of Los Santos, which would motivate him. In (25 words max) explain one activity you would like to see occur for the community from the Premium Deluxe Motorsports Team. Omar would love to see all of the most luxurious cars being presented all at once by the PDM team, for example at the airport. -Scenario Portion There are 5 customers waiting in line, you are the only car dealer available to help them, one of the customers begins to become frustrated. How will you handle the frustrated customer and keep them in line so they don't walk out? Omar would apologize to the customer that he is talking to and go over to the frustrated customer. Omar would offer them a seat and a drink, and maybe give them a book to read whilst he deals with the other customers. He would assure the customer that he will be with them in no time. A customer purchases a car and you forget to tell them to go to the impound to ensure their car is registered to them, they come back and are upset they just modified their car and now lost all their money, what do you do? Omar would personally buy them a new car as it is Omar's fault that they have lost the car, and Omar does not strive for bad customer service. A customer come in and requests a car to purchase and would like to test drive it. While test driving it they wreck the car. They come back without the car and would like to test drive another car, what do you do? Omar would ask for them to pay for the repairs, otherwise he would have no choice but to take the id he collected from them and hand it into the police for ruining PDM's property. If they happily pay for the damage, Omar would let them take another car as long as they pay a deposit. A few customers are waiting in line at the dealership and you are assisting one at the moment, one customer in line passes out from not being hydrated, what do you do next? Omar would ring the EMS immediately and stay close to the patient whilst they arrive. Whilst EMS are en-route, Omar would try to stabilise the patient to the best of his ability. After EMS has been, I would continue service. A customer comes in looking to buy either a motorcycle or vehicle of some kind, you check there ID and they have no certifications on it, what do you do? Omar would explain to them that they need the licence to even take the bike out for a test ride, and that they also need it for riding on the road. Omar would then tell them the location of the driving school and wish them good luck. If Omar is feeling generous on that day, he would also pay for the lessons for the customer to further improve the reputability of PDM. Signature: Omar Date: Friday, July 12th, 2019
  2. Deo

    used car lot

    remove the physical cars sitting there and add a circle you can walk into and press e, it will be less laggy because there are less cars out and also be able to fit more cars for sale. basically abit like the catalogue at dealerships

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