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    Could we use the hospital near legion? There is a way to open it up would be cooler if we could just walk in and out instead of the rings it has a huge interior to it!
  2. Daquan Wiliams

    Luxury Skins

    There are not able to be put on guns unsure if you are aware ❤️
  3. Daquan Wiliams

    Bank Heist

    Would be cool if we could rob banks like the big one in the city and the one in paleto. Also a jewelry stop heist would be cool, just more things to do!
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  5. Daquan Wiliams

    New DLC Nightclub

    Yes please I know a guy that would love to purchase it 😉
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    Real Life Portion Please answer these questions based on your real life, not your character. Name: Date of Birth: Gender: Discord Name: What country are you from? Do you have a working microphone? Do you own a legal copy of GTA V? How did you find out about Sunrise RP? Have you ever been in any other FiveM communities? (If so, please list them):  Steam Profile: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sunrise RP Character Life Portion Please answer these questions as your in game character persona. Name : Date of Birth: Gender: Phone Number: Current Occupation? Ever been convicted of a felony? If so, what? Tell us a little about yourself. (Provide a detailed backstory for your character, 5 Sentence Minimum) Why should we choose you over other applicants? (2 Sentence Minimum) Why do you want to become a Taxi Driver? 3 Sentence Minimum) Do you have a valid San Andreas Driver Licenses?(Yes/No)  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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