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  1. Scott

    1 Year Anniversary

    😞 I was missed 😞 Also if I win one of the sub/contrib I will be giving it away to someone that can't afford it. I'm in it for the hat 👍
  2. Scott

    Economy and job suggestions

    I was thinking if anything going the other direction, a nerf to the economy making tailor more lined up with the pay of miner and oil but letting white-listed jobs be more beneficial then jobs open to the public since those jobs are more RP orientated
  3. Scott

    Advanced Fishing!

    +1 just like the MTA days when fishing was the fun thing to do when you were bored
  4. Scott

    Gravity Score

    Just realized idk if this is more a suggestion for @Judd since it has to do with the courts/sentencing or a suggestion @123B3n
  5. Scott

    Gravity Score

    I work as a correctional officer irl and one thing the courts use when sentencing people is a 'Gravity Score', this helps the judge decide on the time they will get and if they we be getting max or minimum. The way it works is if you get a felony it adds +1 to your gravity score and the higher the gravity score the more time you will be getting in jail. Example: Lets say the arrest you are about to make is anywhere from 10-60 minutes 0 score- 10 minutes 1 score- 20 minutes 2 score- 30 minutes 3 score- 60 minutes (Max out)
  6. Scott

    Legal job ideas

    Here are some existing scripts Planting for ESX: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-planting-planting-weed-and-other-plants/240658 Trucking: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-truckerjob-v0-3-update-29th-january/5237 Pilot: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-pilot/139878 Hunting: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-hunting-hunt-animals-and-sell-meat/157872
  7. Scott

    Legal job ideas

    It would be nice if there was more legal jobs and more incentive for legal jobs on the north side of the map. Right now BCSO only gets people when they are either racing, getting drugs/selling or on the RARE off chance, actually doing a legal job. Seems more people are doing drugs for money rather than actual jobs and I would like to see more jobs available like: Hunting: go out in the woods, kill an animal to collect its fur and meat, sell the fur to the tailor shop and the meat to the meat factory Construction: Hammer a nail in wood, move a pile of wood from one location to the next for building prep. Trucking: Transport items from on side of the map to another. (This is an existing gamemode) Farmer: Go out in the farm lands and plant your crops, tend to them with water and collect once done. (This can be done with drugs too for some RP with cop) Pilot: Fly from one airport to another dropping off passengers. (NPCs and players. There is a gamemode like this already)
  8. Scott

    Chat PM feature for Admins

    Be cool if there was a chat window that would pop up, like a instant messenger so you know who you are talking to, keeps it out of OOC chat and its private.
  9. Scott

    Bank Heist

    This would give players a reason to be on the north side of the map more often and would give more RP for the sheriffs office. I agree we should have bank robbing but with certain rules like; You can only do it with 2+ people and you NEED a weapon (No bats or knives).
  10. As we all know there are currently problems with the queue system that is being worked on, but one other problem some players face is the inability to just change to another character without disconnecting. I suggest we have a command, such as /changechar, to be able to swap to another character without leaving the server, this saves us the pain or trying to get back in on a busy day or just trying to reconnect.
  11. Scott


    I remember back in a old, now shutdown, Garry's mod community they had steroids as a drug and if you consumed that it would give you +200 HP. The drug was OP and required for every raid; It caused massive problems and ruined RP do to the fact that everyone, including government employees, were using the drug during raids on trap houses. I think giving armor as a drug buff could be a problem, it might be better if it had some negative effects to go with it to balance it.
  12. Scott

    Government System

    Good God. The whole legal system part with Parole/Probation and public defenders is going to be a pain to get running
  13. Scott

    Sheriff bugs.

    Silent alarms don't show
  14. Scott

    Overflow Server/ Second server

    Instances this will be useful: When you have to reconnect because of being instanced Subs/Contribs kicking you back in queue Internet going out Just joining on a busy day (Holidays, spring break, weekends, etc) Being kicked for breaking a rule Rejoining to fix any clientside bug Crashes This and work is the reason I haven't been playing much and I'd like to come back.
  15. Selling cars to players as a player and not a dealership or even giving them away to friends/gang members would be a pretty good idea and here is why: As a player sometimes I see people with a beautiful car and instead of trying to recreate the car/buy it stock I'd like to be able to buy it right from the man who is about to sell the car back to the car dealer. I would like a way to buy a car directly from the man with the car that I want. If I bring a new player into the server who is my friend I might not have the money on hand to get him a car, but I might have 2 trashy cars that I'm willing to give up. I can't sell the car back and get him the same car that it was because I only get a percent of that money back that the car was worth. I go to a car show and see the most best ever I've ever seen in my life just to find out for some reason it's a car they don't sell anymore.

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