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  1. Kentwolf


  2. Kentwolf

    New cars

    We have one but not as good looking as that one tho 😄
  3. Kentwolf

    Amazing view of the water.

  4. Kentwolf

    Get rid of LEGION Green zone

    About the greenzone as far as i know the greenzone are a place for people to go and chill then ever they want to just go and go afk or something its not their protect bubble if they are making threats for people on twitter or something by then their protected bubble is gone and they are no longer protected by the greenzone if that makes sense.
  5. Kentwolf

    Bmw's together.

  6. Kentwolf

    Grave on the mountain

  7. Kentwolf

    Shot at over the water #2

  8. Kentwolf

    Shot at over the water #1

  9. Kentwolf

    View over the mountains

  10. Kentwolf


  11. Kentwolf

    I love sunrise

    This community was the first one to teach me how to actually become a cop and open up to a community and actually talk over a mic this community has tought me alot it has trought me more rp then i even actually got more friendships for life and such on this community has got me into more then i thought it would be honestely this community is good and i wish and hope it would never close.

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