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  1. Help the cause and stop the well known ''Not in my eyes disease''. Okay on a serious note, Louie is known to have one of the absolute worst dezync issues known on the server (apart from Leaf but we cant move her house for her). so i put this little gofund me page up in an attempt to gather this bloke enough money for a new GPU, he just spent his year savings on a new set of RAM but he still needs a new GPU. Now this is not out of greed and i am not saying to anyone to donate, please, please only donate if you can afford it, Whatever ammount helps! heres the link: https://www.gofundme.com/LouieneedshelpGPU
  2. dedset

    Make rain less common

    Players requested rain, me included and the admins made it rain, that was the first time in about 3 weeks ive seen rain on ther server.
  3. dedset


    lmao this is golden
  4. dedset

    Jad Blair

  5. dedset

    Fixin the M6

    finally put the new rims on her.
  6. Demetrius decided to be a Real Estate agent to hustle some money.
  7. dedset

    Factotum Industries

    Factotum Industries advert 1
  8. dedset

    Chillin at the pool

    chillin at the pool not in in it 😉
  9. dedset

    Chillin at the pool

    pfft its a jumper my guy
  10. dedset

    The beautiful city

    this city is so nice
  11. dedset

    The birthplace of Danny

    the pit of hell.
  12. dedset

    Das Auto

  13. dedset

    Sunrise Roleplay | Official Trailer 2019

    Yup it turned out sick, good job @NoobySoft, was really fun to make!

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