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  1. Exile

    Chat PM feature for Admins

    Talking in /ooc ruins the immersion for some people and I'd love to be able to get the attention of a member while also keeping the chat clean for those not involved.
  2. Exile

    Searching trashcan from any range.

    The prompt randomly appears and has been happening to several people over the last 24 hours. There's one fix which is to run up to a new trashcan and walk away to remove the prompt.
  3. Exile

    -1 First Aid Kit

    Numerous reports coming in about consumable items going to -1, the main one I see is First Aid Kits.
  4. Exile

    New /me feature

    /me's to appear over the character's head or in their body. This would greatly help identify which body is performing which action. As a second part to this idea, implement a character limit so you don't have essays appearing over the character and blocking the RP scene.
  5. I hit level 101 in Strength today and upon restarting, I was reset to 001.
  6. I wanted to delete a single text message instead of the entire conversation due to a scenario being voided and wasn't able to. Is it possible to get this fixed for the future?
  7. Exile


  8. Exile

    Boris and Max

  9. Exile

    Chiliad's view

  10. Exile

    Moments before disaster.

    Trust me, it got worse.

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