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  1. Exile

    Get rid of LEGION Green zone

    Changed Status to Accepted
  2. Exile

    Get rid of LEGION Green zone

    The Garages, Police Station and Hospital are currently staying as Green Zones but Legion Square itself has been removed. Thank you for the feedback guys!
  3. Exile

    House inventorys

    While I do agree with this, I don't believe the current scripts allow for it to work that way. It is something we can look into, but I can't see this happening short term.
  4. Exile

    BM Guns Add Police Weapons?

    It most likely won't happen as it would then make it incredibly more difficult to investigate people who are giving out police equipment from the armoury.
  5. Exile

    Change characters without needing to relog

    Changed Status to Rejected
  6. Exile

    Change characters without needing to relog

    Unfortunately if we were to do that, not all of the data from your characters would correctly switch and there would be more bugs that one would like.
  7. Exile

    Amateur photoshoot hour!

  8. Exile

    Silent Paleto

  9. Exile

    Hiding a body in a rush.

  10. Exile


  11. Exile

    Boris and Max

  12. Exile

    Chiliad's view


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