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Welcome to the

Welcome to my forums, full of great ideas.
Please register if you'd like to take part.

Citizen Membership

Are you one of the new once arriving in town? Is it your time to submit your citizen membership?
Find out more in the link below.

Become a

Considered joining a whitelisted job?
Take a role as a Fire Fighter, Paramedic, Police Officer, Car Dealer or even a Mechanic.

Housing Project

Do you have a housing project in mind? Contact Real Estate today and Rolf might be able to make your dreams come true. If he isn't to busy drunk as usual.

Traveling Light?

Why not stop by the Richman Hotel, get yourself a room that suits your need.
With a beautiful swimming pool at the back with lovely ladies.

Clean up the streets

Little pricks are making it to town, help them clean up the streets from all kinds of nasty things.
Stop on by and get yourself a uniform.

  • Information

    • Once you've purchased a product you can activate or even give away the product under 'My Items'
    • The product doesn't go active by itself until you specifically instruct it to go active.
    • If you purchase a 'Priority Pass' ensure that you have your SteamID64 activated on in your profile with the correct info. NOT the URL to your steam account.
    • If you have any future questions feel free asking an admin for help at any time.

    Points Information

    • Registering to an account on the forums gives you 500 points.
    • Replying to a thread gives you 25 points.
    • Creating a thread gives you 50 points.
    • Bank points have an interest of 15% per month as an investment.

Important Information

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