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CAD release date (06/22/2018)

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Here I am again with yet another update. I know that we recently released an update on the server, huge thanks to Scott for stepping up and dare himself to do more than he knew he could. Super proud of him. Anyhow, since the release of the server we have been talking about implementing a CAD system to the server. Since we talked about it I have mainly been focusing on getting the CAD up and going. The biggest problem for me was the fact that I didn't really know what the CAD system should have and not have within its systems. I wanted to make it more like a dispatch system in which we have an actual person as dispatch but we realized that wasn't possible at least not yet.

I have finally decided that by Friday the CAD will be released for EMS & PD as a BETA version of it. I mainly want to know how well it performs and what their take is on it, what can be changed or added and so on. I have released a couple of sneak peaks before about the CAD but I'm not sure if I have done it yet for the public. Anyhow, here is and what's missing and implemented. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the CAD or questions for that matter let me know in the comments below.


  • Implemented systems
    • Completely Dynamic factors depending on the jobs assigned to your account.
    • Hooked to your Steam Identifier
    • Lookup functions, split up by characters and their information
    • Function to issue tickets, based on their character information (Bill in-game will still be global from your steam identifier)
    • Function to fetch warrant status with notification sound if you stumble up on a person which has an active warrant.
    • Dynamic backgrounds based on the job you are assigned to, i.e police, ambulance and default the state
    • Function fetching ticket status if paid or not (Currently not very stable due to the way ESX is setup)
    • Function to view issued tickets.
    • Tons of verification systems & security features to improve the website stability.
    • Completely integrated with the SteamAPI systems.
  • Currently missing features
    • Vehicle lookup registry
    • Arrest record functions, both issuing and reading past records.
    • 911 calls
    • Issue warrants on people
    • Issue points on licenses
    • and more security features (Security is my number one priority when it comes to websites, sorry)
  • Pending features
    • A complete dispatch system
    • Live MAP of all active units (Only for dispatch if ever active on the server)
    • Dispatch sound functions, i.e signal 911, priority tones
    • Call-signs for each signed in user to the CAD exception for dispatch
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