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[OneSync] Statement to why we do not use 60 slots.

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Hello everyone,

I thought it was time for me to address the issue at hand and all the questions. Especially now since someone posted a screenshot of 60 slots on the home screen. Here are the reasons till why we are not using it. Now, don't think we haven't considered or tried it already.

Reasons to why we do not currently use it, besides the factor that is in development and not stable:

  • OneSync is currently missing the voice function, voice is yet to be implemented.
  • OneSync is missing the PVP function, which means you can not shoot or kill anyone.
  • OneSync is currently in development and know to have a large amount of deynsc, among known things. Players in cars are not visible in the car.
  • Textureloss, this is not related to OneSync at all, but right now we got 32 players and the textureloss is insane, think about having 60 players, it would be twice as bad as it is currently.
  • And so much more...

Reasons to why we want to use it:

  • Improved features.
  • Larger player slots.

As you can tell, there are to much stuff missing and issues for it to be considered usable/stable. Especially with a server as large as ours. For the time being OneSync is not something that we will consider using as of right now, at least not until the OneSync program hits the stable branch.


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