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Gang Wars

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Gang Wars

What is a gang war? Like the name implies a gang war is a conflict between 2 or more factions for supremacy and they are not to be taken lightly in this document we will outline both its purpose and functionality of a gang war as well as how they should be conducted on Sunrise Roleplay deviating from the information and rules outlined here will be strongly frowned upon and may result in punishments starting at light prison sentences going all the way to a permanent ban without appeal.


The first important thing to realise when considering a gang war is you must have a valid roleplay reason for considering such a conflict, waking up in the morning and saying to yourself hey i fancy some random good old fashioned GTA online mass murder is not going to cut it so without further adieu.

Reason 1.

Gang A has been talking shit about Gang B for a while and Gang B is pissed they have attempted to talk to Gang A a number of times and have gone as far as executing several members, yet still Gang A keeps acting up and mouthing off in order to shut them up permanently Gang B has decided they will have a gang war with the purpose being Gang A forgetting everything they know about Gang B.

Reason 2.

Gang A is drugless but they have both drug locations owned by Gang B they run them on the daily and stop Gang B using their own spots so Gang A has decided it should be their spot, They declare Gang War for the location should they win Gang A gets the spot and its moved immediately upon victory, should they lose Gang B gets a free move of there drug spots and this is done immediately.

Reason 3.

Pure Roleplay, Gang A is repping the color red (example) and Gang B is repping the color Blue (example) so they have consistent RP issues repping different colors, relations over time get worse and the violence escalates Gang A issues Gang war on Gang B to force them to change their color forever Winner keeps there color loser cannot use the same color as a gang uniform or a month.

How To

All gang wars must be sanctioned by the admin teams only the attacking gang needs to agree to the war but this will be voted on by the admin team before a war can be started any unofficial wars will not only be stopped immediately the aggressors will also be harshly punished depending on how far it went

. In order to gain admin sanction for a gang war you must first write up your reason why you want to declare war then submit the reason to the admin teams for review, ultimately your reason is irrelevant so long as it stays within RP and is a good reason to begin with, we shall read it through and look at it from a impartial neutral perspective then take a vote should you meet all requirements.

How does it work?

Upon have your gang war accepted there are a number of changes for you and your gang it is important your aware of how these work as fuck ups will not be tolerated and may result in a premature end to your gang war with you being declared loser immediately and without mercy (mercy is for the weak).

1. You must always know who you are attacking.

2. You do not need initiation to kill a rival gang member.

3. You do not need to give any fucks about the crying from the losing side.

4. You must never kill someone you are not 100% sure is a member of the enemy gang.

5. You must always have identified the members of enemy gangs before killing them.

6. Be aware all unidentified members of the other gang cannot be attacked (be sure).

7. You must never allow there gang wars to involved civilians not in either gang.

8. Do not be a fool make sure all other server rules are followed.

9. Please do not bitch and cry when losing you knew what you were getting into.

10. Do not waste admin time calling RDM when getting killed in a gang war.


The first thing you need to be aware of is unlike normal crime RP during a gang war your not limited to 6 people from your gang during a gang war you may us the full extent of your gangs forces if you have 12 people you can roll up 12 strong even if it's to kill only 1 member of an enemy gang, of course that's only during gang war activities NOT oh good we can go kidnap random people now 12 strong that's still a big NO, you may only go over 6 people if it's to be used against an enemy gang member your at war with.

You can have allies but they must be members of a gang and the boss of the gang must make it clear at the start of the war that they are entering as an allied gang to join one of the warring sides, a allied gang joining after the start of the way may be considered but this will be on a case to case basis and reviewed by the admin team the later into the war they want to join the less likely they will be allowed to join it.

The gang war ends when the admin team says it ends or when one side surrenders, if there are allies involved and they leave the war before the actual end of the war none of the members of the allies gang may re-join or help the war at any given point in any way this will be considered fail RP should they attempt to do so.

This has been said but i will write it again so it cannot be missed no civilians or people not members of either the gangs or allied gangs may be involved in the war in anyway, all people shot at or attacked without RP must have been identified in character as a member of the enemy gang, if either side goes around shooting random people saying “oops mistake” the admin team will likely end the war prematurely and proclaim the non-offending side as the winner even if they were losing before the incident occured we of course appreciate the odd mistake can happen but multiple offences from the same gang either at once or over a period of days will result in punishments.

Be smart record what your doing during a gang war false or incorrect reports are inevitable and we will be patient as this system is new recording helps you as well as the victims and it helps the admins not hand out a unjust or unfair punishments.

Soft War

A soft war is a very different thing to a gang war the first major difference is all normal server rules still apply you must still initiate at all times when attacking a rival gang member, the second major difference is you do not need to apply to the admins a soft war is conducted purly between players and only to gain drug spots for official ownership.

A soft war is conducted as follows, Gang A wants a drug owned by Gang B So Gang A starts running the drug (both locations) and they actively keep the actual owners Gang B away from their own drug either through force or other means, Gang A maintains complete control over the spots for 2 weeks and prove it to the admin team several times over the course of these two weeks then they Gang A then take the drug officially for themselves, the ownership is officially passed on and Gang B loses ownership rights, the location will then be moved to the locations of Gang A’s choice.

Please keep in mind soft wars can be fought by multiple gangs in theory all gangs could at 1 time be competing for a single drug. Also it should be noted all gangs can in theory hold more than 1 drug or business or even all of them if they are successful enough but the opposite is true and a gang can have nothing if they lose their stuff

Currently Available





Weed Black Market Weapons

Money Laundry

All the Drugs or criminal businesses listed above can be conquered either through Gang Wars or Soft Wars there is not and hopefully never will be an exception to this rule Sunrise Roleplay offers equal opportunity to everyone and as such there is and will never be an admin gang who is immune to anything other gangs have to deal with all things can be taken and conquered from anybody by anybody so long as all server rules are met and fairly executed by members of our community.

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