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Rico System

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Rico System

The rico system is a point based system the police can use to build a case against organised gangs, all gangs and illegal organisations are subject to it with no exceptions

In order for a gang to acquire a rico point on record the gang must first be identified as a gang by the police in character this can be done in a number of ways such as a gang member being arrested and mentioning the gangs name, or someone who has done business or received information about said gang in character then telling the police.

After a gang has been identified as existing by the police they may then open up a case from this point on the gang with a case opened on them may now gain rico points.

It is important to note that anything linked to the gang that happened before they were identified can not be brought up later and added to the gang once they have been identified only things after this point can be used in any rico case.

All cases involving the gaining of a rico point must have a neutral admin involved who is not part of the police or the gang potentially receiving the point should such an admin not be available at the current time the police must record everything and hand the information in to an admin for review later, the police may still imprison the person and confiscate his illegal items found during the arrest as usual.


1) 7 points will result in a full gang wipe this can only be done with an admin overseeing the entire operation the police will raid the house of all gang members and all illegal items weapons and money found within the houses will be taken and destroyed, finally the gang boss will have his bank account and cash set to Zero other gang members may be subject to the same or a reduced bank penalty.

2) Should there be a drug bust on a drug location that a gang owns they have the right to move the location regardless if it was one of their members or another person however doing so will require the gang to pay out 1 million per location to the Black Hand this money is not kept it is deleted from the server after it has been received and the site has been relocated.

Ways to gain Rico points

1. A single identified member of a gang is caught with drugs equal or above 1000 raw product or 200 processed product.

2. Multiple members of the same gang are caught at the same time in the same place none of them have the required amount of drugs to get a rico point but they all carry enough combined to add up to the required amount then the police can still issue a rico point.

3. A single Rico point can be acquired through capital charges, Example if a member of a gang murders someone and is caught and proven to have commited the murder and sent to prison, should this member also be a proven member of a gang identified to exist 1 single rico point can be issued, only 1 point can be issued regardless of how many murders were committed in this situation.

4. Multiple Rico points can be earned if multiple identified members of an identified gang commit multiple murders and all are caught and imprisoned for the crimes. This specifically means two people can only acquire 1 point between them if they kill 1 person together however should they kill 2 people then and only then can 2 points be acquired should they kill 3 or more only 2 points can be given unless more gang members were involved stacking up to the maximum of 7 for a full gang Rico.

5. A gang member or several gang members are caught and arrested with dirty money with a combined value of over $1000000 at one time. Having more money can not ever cause you to get more than 1 rico point example $4000000 will not be 4 rico points it will only be 1 point but the $4000000 will be confiscated by the police.

6. Illegal weapons trading can result in rico point acquisition should the deal have a combined value equal or above $500000, however simply being arrested with illegal weapons on your person will not result in any rico points just the usual jail time associated with such items, thus the only way to acquire rico pints from illegal firearms is the police catching someone in the act of selling illegal weapons. Only 1 rico point can be gained no matter how many weapons after the $500000 value mark unless there are 2 or more people from the same gang selling them at the same time in the same place part of the same deal.

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