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Whitelist Information & Issues

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Whitelist Information & Issues

Hello there,

lately, we've got more and more questions for people that got accepted for our server and the fact that they are unable to join the server because they're not whitelisted even though their application was accepted. I thought it was time for me to address this issue as it seems to be a more and more common issue.

The reason you are unable to join our server is simply that you are connecting to the Estonian one, the server you are looking to join is the English one as that is the server you applied for. If you would like to join the Estonian server you would have to apply on their page which you get a popup message for when you are entering our website. If you accidentally clicked it away, simply open and close the website again.

So, how can you tell what server is what? Well, look at the server name the English one says "[ENG]" and the Estonian says "[EST]" there is the difference between the server names. Once we accept your whitelist application the information has already been entered and it's done on the go, no need to restart the server or anything. You might even be able to join the server before the message on your application is saying that you got accepted.

I do hope that this solves most of the problems here, as always if you have any more issues or concerns make sure to ask in the QnA section on the forums and someone will help you as soon as possible.


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