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[IMPORTANT] Queue information & changes

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Important Queue Information & Changes

Hello everyone,

Lately, our queues have been growing exponentially to the point where a lot of members can no longer get into the server and are suggesting for us to open up a secondary server. Like I've answered to them the issue with opening a secondary server is that we are lacking the staff for it as well as other important factors to it. Now don't get it wrong I am still listening to your suggestion and I will bring it to the next staff meeting. It's been a floating subject there for quite some time because of the same reason listed above. I am, however, listening to your suggestions. Among many good ideas, something that was caught my eyes was a suggestion in which members do get ahead of guests which in my opinion is a great idea, although it's still something that the staff team will have to approve.

There are more to it besides the information given above, the main reason I am writing this topic is to inform everyone that I am aware of certain issues the queue system currently have, I am working on them as fast as I can but I also currently have a guest at my place which limits my time somewhat. I plan on improving the queue system a lot, among many things adding an estimated wait time to it as well as increasing performance by building a REST API function that will be able to fetch and read account information on the go, essentially it could read your avatar on the forums as long as your steam information is linked with your forums account. Anyhow, I'm not going to get into details related to this, but know that I am working on improving it as much as I can.

Planned changes to the queue system:

  • Possibly add an estimated wait time
  • Implement an anti-spam connect feature
  • Implement a removal function of no longer connected people in the queue (AKA, people that connected and left once they saw the queue)
    • Might not happen as there are some issues doing so, but we'll see if I do it or not as I don't want people that disconnect and connect again because the queue froze for them and then connect back ending up at the end of the queue like if they connected the first time.
  • Implement a REST API feature to improve data fetching & reading abilities to lower the performance impact on the server
  • Possible more stuff, currently unclear...
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