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[GUIDE] Emotes & Animations

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Cops And Robbers

/e holster                       Stand ready with your weapon

/e aim                            Aim a pistol at the floor

/e aim2                          Aim a pistol up to your shoulder

/e aim3                          Aim a pistol up to your chest

/e copcrowd                  Calm down a crowd (Option 1)

/e copcrowd2                Calm down a crowd (Option 2)

/e copidle                      Idle like a cop

/e rally                           Hand gesture for rally-point

/e freeze                        Hand gesture for freeze

/e come                         Hand gesture to get someone to you

/e go                              Hand gesture to move in

/e yes                             Hand gesture for “I understand”

/e fwd                            Tell someone to move forward

/e surrender                  Kneel down with your hands behind your head

/e arrest                        Keep your hands on your head

/e tied                           Stay tied up / cuffed

/e tiedfloor                   Stay tied up / cuffed on the ground

/e hostage                    Lay down on the ground scared

/e collect                      Collect something on the ground

/e kick                          Kick someone on the ground (Option 1)

/e kick2                        Kick someone on the ground (Option 2)



/e guard                      Stand like a bouncer

/e earpiece                  Talk in your earpiece

/e leanwall                  Lean on a wall / object (Option 1)

/e leanwall2                Lean on a wall / object (Option 2)

/e sit                            Sit down on a chair / object

/e sit2                          Sit down on the floor (Option 1)

/e sit3                          Sit down on the floor (Option 2)

/e shower                    Take a shower (Option 1)

/e shower2                  Take a shower (Option 2)

/e shower3                  Take a shower (Option 3)

/e swing                      Play around with your 2H weapon (Option 1)

/e swing2                    Play around with your 2H weapon (Option 2)

/e swing3                    Play around with your 2H weapon (Option 3)

/e swing4                    Play around with your 2H weapon (Option 4)

/e meditate                 Sit down and meditate

/e squat                       Squat down (Option 1)

/e squat2                     Squat down (Option 2)

/e streetrace               Start a race between players

/e help                         Wave for help

/e taxi                          Whistle for a taxi

/e wipe                        Wipe your mouth

/e hunchback              Walk around like Mr Burns

/e car                            Yell at someone from your car

/e key                           Use the keyfob for your car

/e piss                          Take a piss

/e id                             Hand over your id / other items (Can be combined with some items)

/e lockpick                  Lockpick something (Can be used to wash your hands)

/e check                      Check out your new clothes

/e sniff                        Sniff some drugs.. Or other things

/e sassy                       Be sassy (Option 1)

/e sassy2                     Be sassy (Option 2)

/e tired                       Be out of breath / Vomit

/e kneel                      Kneel down

/e lean                        Lean on something




/e salute                      Salute your comrades!

/e finger                      Give someone the middlefinger

/e finger2                    Give someone two middlefingers

/e palm                        Show dissapointment

/e foldarms                 Cross your arms periodically

/e foldarms2               Keep your arms crossed

/e damn                       Throw your arms in disbelief

/e fail                           Become visibly dissapointed

/e gang1                      Throw up your gang sign (Option 1)

/e gang2                      Throw up your gang sign (Option 2)

/e gang3                      Sit down like a gangster with your gun

/e no                            Shake your head “no”

/e pickbutt                  Pick your butt

/e grabcrotch              Grab your crotch

/e peace                       Show the peace sign

/e slowclap                  Clap slowly

/e cheer                       Cheer

/e nod                          Nod your head yes (Option 1)

/e nod2                        Nod your head yes (Option 2)

/e talk                          Express yourself while talking (Option 1)

/e talk2                        Express yourself while talking (Option 2)

/e talk3                        Express yourself while talking (Option 3)

/e talk4                        Express yourself while talking (Option 4)

/e wave                        Wave to your friend

/e wave2                      Wave awkwardly

/e impatient                Stand impatiently (Option 1)

/e impatient2              Stand impatiently (Option 2)

/e impatient3              Stand impatiently (Option 3)

/e impatient4              Stand impatiently (Option 4)

/e preach                     Preach to the people (Option 1)

/e preach2                   Preach to the people (Option 2)

/e crazy                        Act like a nutjob (Option 1)

/e crazy2                      Act like a nutjob (Option 2)

/e crazy3                      Act like a nutjob (Option 3)

/e sad                           Look depressed

/e think                        Use your brainpower



Props And Objects

/e notes                        Bring out a notepad

/e callphone                 Call someone on your phone

/e callphone2               Have an argument with someone on the phone

/e umbrella                  Hold an umbrella

/e brief                         Walk with a weaponcase (Briefcase)

/e brief2                       Walk with a briefcase

/e cigar                         Place a cigar in your mouth

/e cigar2                       Place a burnt cigar in your mouth

/e joint                         Place a joint in your mouth

/e cig                            Place a cigarette in your mouth

/e holdcigar                 Hold a cigar in your hand

/e holdcig                    Hold a cigarette in your hand

/e holdjoint                 Hold a joint in your hand

/e box                          Hold a box in your hands

/e pizza                        Hold a pizzabox in your hands

/e drug                        Hold a big drug package in your hands

/e drug2                      Hold a medium drug package in your hand

/e drug3                      Hold a small drug package in your hand

/e wine                        Hold a wine bottle in your hand

/e beer                        Hold a beer in your hand

/e shopping                Hold shopping bags in your hand

/e soda                        Hold a soda in your hand

/e burger                    Hold a packed burger in your hand

/e burger2                  Hold a burger ready to eat in your hand

/e burgershot             Hold a tray of burgershot food (Option 1)

/e burgershot2           Hold a tray of burgershot food (Option 2)

/e burgershot3           Hold a tray of burgershot food (Option 3)

/e burgershot4           Hold a burgershot bag to-go

/e burgershot5           Hold a burgershot coffee cup

/e shot                         Shot a whiskey bottle at the bar

/e boxing                    Put on some boxing gloves (Yes they work)

/e drill                         Drill something

/e pot                          Smoke pot

/e smoke                     Smoke a cigarette

/e coffee                      Drink some coffee

/e bong                       Take a hit from a bong

/e rose                         Hold a rose in your hand

/e cane                        Walk around with a cane

/e protest                    Protest with a sign

/e backpack                Keep a backpack on your back

/e hiking                     Use a hiking bag on your back



Lay down on the ground

/e dead                         Lay down dead on the floor (Option 1)

/e dead2                       Lay down dead on the floor (Option 2)

/e dead3                       Lay down dead on the floor (Option 3)

/e dead4                       Lay down dead on the floor (Option 4)

/e bum                          Lay down on the floor like a bum

/e hurt                          Lay down hurt on the ground (Option 1)

/e hurt2                        Lay down hurt on the ground (Option 2)

/e hurt3                        Lay down hurt on the ground (Option 3)

/e layfront                    Lay down on your chest

/e layback                     Lay down on your back




/e lapdance                   Perform a lapdance

/e dance2 - dance39    Perform a dance

/e salsa                          Do a little salsa dance (Option 1)

/e salsa2                        Do a little salsa dance (Option 2)




/e mechanic                   Work underneath a vehicle

/e mechanic2                 Work on a motorcycle

/e tire                             Carry a medium sized tire

/e tire2                           Place a medium sized tire on a car

/e tire3                           Carry a big tire

/e bumper                      Carry a bumper (Option 1)

/e bumper2                    Carry a bumper (Option 2)

/e toolbox                      Carry a toolbox (Option 1)

/e toolbox2                    Carry a toolbox (Option 2)

/e toolbox3                    Carry a toolbox (Option 3)

(Write /e tire2 again to remove the tire, press alt to get out of the animation)

(/e kneel is a good option to kneel down to install the bumper)


Having a prop stuck in your hand? Type out the same command again and it should dissapear!


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