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[QUEUE] Beta version released, including useful information.

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Hello everyone,

Not too long ago we released a hotfix for the latest patch and among these changes, one of the biggest was the queue system. After a long discussion on how to improve the current queue system, it was decided that it was best to scrap it and rebuild it from scratch. The biggest change to the queue system is the REST API being integrated into it. In short, this change allows the queue to fetch on-the-go information faster and prevents the queue from overloading the server.

Here’s a rundown of what’s changed with the queue system:

1. We've introduced a function to remove the "ghosts" in the queue. In the previous version, when people would join the queue then decide against waiting through it and leave, they'd remain in the queue, holding that number as a "ghost," and ultimately extend wait times. The new queue system will automatically remove ghosts from the queue after a grace period of X seconds. The amount of seconds varies depending on server configuration and should hold spots for at least 180 seconds.

2. Changes to priority passes. Guests and unknown members will have the lowest priority in the queue. Known members will now have a priority pass that is just above guests. To become a known member all that's needed is signing up on the forums and linking your steam account to the forums.

3.  With the integration of the REST API, queue optimization should be better and a lot smoother. This also means any changes to your account will automatically go through to the server. So, for example, if you purchase a subscription you will no longer have to wait 5-10 minutes before the server is made aware of your new queue priority status.

We hope this clears up most of the changes. It's important to be aware that the new queue system is still in beta and will most likely change as time goes on. There are more features planned for the queue system that will be rolled out in time. If you have any feedback related to the new system we would appreciate it if you could submit a bug report or suggestion report on the forums and we'll take a look as soon as possible. We love hearing the voice of the community.


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