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We are inviting everyone into a community meeting

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During one of the staff meetings, a few subjects were introduced, discussed, and finally brought to the table.  After a long brainstorming session, a suggestion to make some big changes to Sunrise was voted on by staff, and ultimately passed. As this is a community, we’d also love to hear your input on the topic before things are finalized. A community is only as good as it’s members, after all! So, that said, this announcement is an invitation for you to be part of a meeting to discuss these future changes.

There will be a few requirements to keep such a big meeting running smoothly, and it’s extremely important that everyone who is involved follows these regulations to a T. If they aren’t followed, you will be removed from the meeting and depending on the severity of the infraction, you may be punished further.

Rules and Regulations:
If you’re attending this meeting your microphone must be on mute at all times so that the staff can present the changes. The only time you should be un-muting your microphone is when you are directly addressed or asked to voice an opinion. Speaking without permission and interrupting others will be grounds for removal from said meeting.  Everyone will have the opportunity to speak and voice their opinions at some point during the meeting.

It is important that this meeting is NOT streamed or recorded. By accepting this invitation to join the community meeting you are agreeing not to record, stream or even discuss any of the confidential information that will be presented. Once a decision has been made it will be announced to the entire community. Anyone breaking the rules listed above will be removed without any prior warning.

Meeting Schedule
You will be allowed to enter the meeting 30 minutes before the meeting starts.  Once the meeting starts the doors will be closed and they will remain closed. Anyone who does not make the start time will not be permitted late-entry into the meeting.  During the meeting, the AFK function on discord will be disabled to prevent people from being moved out of the channel because of the muted microphones.

Date: Saturday 6th April
Time: 6:00 PM GMT / 1:00 PM CST


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Guest Slate

Sounds like a great idea, I'll surely try attending. 

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