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Akuchi's Mechanic Application

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Please answer these questions based on your real life, not your character.

Name:Oskar Babiarz

Date of Birth:04/07/19

Gender: Male

Discord Name: SetiingZ#9693

What country are you from? Britain

Do you have a working microphone? Yes

Do you own a legal copy of GTA V? Yes

How did you find out about Sunrise RP? My friend Obtaizen was playing in it first and I asked him what server he was playing and he said SunriseRP and I played it 

Do you have mechanical experience? (FiveM or Real Life):I have lots of experience from other servers because Mechanic is my favourite job and I have some knowledge in real life because my dad is a mechanic in real life

Have you ever been in any other FiveM communities? (If so, please list them): Yes I have been in lots of server and the longest one I was in and stayed there for a long time was GoodLifeRP

Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198302744475/

Sunrise RP Character Life Portion

Please answer these questions as your in-game character person.

Name: Akuchi Arei

Date of Birth: 1998/04/02

Gender: Male

Phone Number: 131-5169

Current Occupation? Butcher

Ever been convicted of a felony? If so, what? Yes one time for wreckles driving

Describe yourself. (At least 50 word) Akuchi is from America and his mum recently past away and Akuchi knowledge is really good and is trying to do everything he can for his family so he first tries selling car parts from his mums car and tries to sell a lot of stuff like clothes from his mum and he decides to look into cars and finds that cars is his thing and he wants to be a mechanic like his Dad.

Why would we choose you? (At least 50 word):Akuchi's knowledge on cars is very good and is able to easily figure out as what had happened to a car and Akuchi is not just wanting to be a mechanic for money is to have fun and meet great people and make it a hobby as what he would do for his life and Akuchi can be on duty everyday for a long period of time helping people and making their day a tiny bit better!

When you will work? I will work everyday (Weekdays: 6 hours a day , Weekends: 12-14 hours a day) 

Why do you want to be mechanic? (At least 50 words):Akuchi wants to be a mechanic because of his knowledge on cars and everything about it and he has had a lot of experience since his Dad has been one for his whole life and that's who's Akuchi's idol is and the person who he will look up to.

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