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• RP Name: Madis Meidla
• Discord Name: Leonardo. #3791

• Steam Account (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Leonardoonpede 
• DoB (YYYY or AGE):15/08/19 
• Time Zone: GMT +3


§2 Application Information

• Why do you want to join the SAFD? (min. 50 words)
- I like being a medic because I can help people if they are injured or in need of something and I know how to RP the scenarios out as well because of my previous experience. 

• Roughly how many hours per week can you dedicate to being on duty?
- Mostly every day for 5h or more

• Do you have any prior EMS experience in another city?
- I have been an EMS in MidnightRP city and I was a nooremmeedik so I have some experience.


§3 Scenes

• A person has fallen and broken his leg, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) :

- Firstly I would ask the patient what happened and where does it hurt the most so I'd know where to look.  Then I'd put some gloves on and give the wound a touch so id knows how much it hurts than id give him some antibiotics so he wouldn't feel that much pain. Than id takes the stretcher from my ambulance and take him to the hospital and give him over to some people who will know what to do with him.

• A person calls EMS and you arrive on scene, there's another person there but not injured and he's
acting violent, how do you proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) :

-  First of all id call for backup then I would try to get the other person calmed down. I would ask them if he witnessed what happened and why are you angry. Then I'd proceed to help the patient anyway I can.  When I got the patient calm I'd take him to the car and id wait for the police and go on.

• A person has been in a vehicle accident and complains about neck pain, how do you proceed? 
(write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) :

-I would first tell the patient not to move their neck and stay still after that I would then proceed to my ambulance  to get a neck holder for the patient's neck and put it on there, then I'd take the stretcher from my vehicle and try to get him on there, then id move on to taking him in the car and take him to the hospital carefully



• A person has called EMS you pull up to the call and the first thing u see is the patient is wearing a mask what is the first thing u do before u proceed? (write exactly how you would roleplay it, min. 50 words) :

- I would notify the police that there is a man injured with a mask then I would move on quickly to see what's up. I would take the mask off calmly if he allows than I proceed to take a look what's wrong. I'd fix him up and take him/her to my car and wait for the police.

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Dear Mr. Maidla:

Thank you for applying for a LSFD Cadet spot. At the moment application is declined because of lack of effort put in application. Please describe scenes with more details, all information what you would do in that situation.

Best Regards,

Nikolai Zelzen

Chief of LSFD

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